Leonie Abbott | Head of Student Wellbeing, SKR Campus
Wesley College

Leonie Abbott, Head of Student Wellbeing, SKR Campus, Wesley College

Leonie is an experienced education professional, dedicated to driving positive change. She is Head of Student Wellbeing at Wesley College, St Kilda Road Campus. A Master of Positive Psychology graduate, Leonie integrates well-being science into pedagogy, ensuring a holistic approach to education. Her expertise extends to understanding individual learners and applying trauma-informed practices across all facets of her work. This aligns with her passion for advancing organizational objectives. In her employment prior to Wesley College, Leonie successfully developed and implemented programs that continue to enhance both learning and well-being across various sectors. At Wesley Leonie oversees wellbeing development for ECLC through to Year 12.


Day 2 @ 12:10

Attention!! A meta-analysis

Are you really paying attention?

This presentation will challenge your attention on attention and leave you questioning how your school is tackling this very real fragmentation on our ability to focus. We will explore the use of devices Haidt (2024), apps, socials Haugen (2023), and in-person connection Kline (2020), while sharing how we are trying to undo some of our policies in response to the strong evidence. Join us and be part of advocating for change.

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