Brian Laybutt | Principal
St Ambrose Pottsville

Brian Laybutt, Principal, St Ambrose Pottsville

Brian is an educator with over 40 years experience. He has worked across all sectors and has been a Principal for 25 years across 5 schools. He is currently the Foundational Principal at St Ambrose Primary School, Pottsville, which is located on the North Coast of NSW.  As a Foundational Principal, Brian wanted to ensure that the school, in partnership with staff and the school community, developed a very clear vision and direction as to the significant points of reference that would shape the school. In acknowledging that Technology enhances learning, critical thinking, collaboration, and adaptability for students the school commenced the journey of embedding technology, specifically focusing on iPads, across the school. This has led to developing greater teacher efficacy, promoted shared understanding and importantly enhanced learning experiences.


Day 2 @ 13:30

Supporting the authentic use of ipads within the classroom

  • Whole school vision
  • Develop teacher efficacy 
  • Promote a shared understanding 
  • Enhance learning experience  
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