Kristie Chen | Principal Consultant
Bold Academy Pte. Ltd.

Kristie Chen, Principal Consultant, Bold Academy Pte. Ltd.


Pre-conference Workshops @ 10:00

[M2] 7 Nov (AM) - Harnessing Technology for Better Metacognition

Conversations in the past three years surrounding education and technology have moved from topics of equal access to online teaching strategies, student attention as well as the impact of tech-mediated teaching. Having experimented (albeit compelled by circumstance) with various online and blended learning needs, we are now more than ever ready to revisit the perennial elephant(s) in the room that is now adorned with techie fairy lights — student metacognition, motivation and self-regulated learning. 


In the days of pre-Covid, we struggled to find ways to successfully teach and infuse elements of metacognition and self-regulated learning in our lessons, believing that students will be motivated anyway to complete the tasks we set out for them. Now that we have found a new normal post-pandemic, the challenge remains and then some more — think distractions of screens and a new generation of learners who are only now beginning to [re]learn quality in-person communications. So how can we best approach metacognition in the post-Covid classroom? What is the relationship between metacognition, motivation and self-regulated learning and which should schools focus on as a first step to better learning in the classroom? What can technology do to best support metacognition? What are the observable metacognitive moves in the classroom? This workshop aims to explore the area where metacognition and technology meet, and encourages participants to tap into their collective wisdom and experiences to confidently manage the new blended learning classroom. 

Attendees should bring their laptop for this workshop session.

EDUtech Asia 2023 Conference Day 2 @ 11:45

Panel: Let’s Get Digital: Improving curriculum and pedagogy for digital education

  • Thoughtful incorporation of technology to support learning goals
  • Fostering a culture of innovation and experimentation
  • Continuous evaluation and improvement of existing pedagogical approaches

EDUtech Asia 2023 Conference Day 2 @ 15:25

K-12 RT 9 — Educator wellbeing: are we doing enough?

This session is ideal for attendees from K-12 educational institutions.

Participate in engaging discussions with your peers from around Asia!

K-12 RT 9 — Educator wellbeing: are we doing enough?

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