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Last year we ran a track of workshops on the third day of the conference and the sessions were a big hit, with content ranging from coding to mindmapping to flipped learning. This year we are dedicating a whole day before the conference just to workshops. Topics set to be featured include:


EduTECH Asia 2018 - Pre-Day Workshop




Workshop Session (10AM - 12PM) – Choose 1 of the following workshops

Pre-Day Workshops

Creating authentic learning experiences for students and teachers [Limited seats remaining]

In this two hour workshop, participants will work through a series of hand-on design challenges, with variety of cross-learning opportunities and explore practical applications of these activities in their classrooms. They will be using design thinking and design process to enable students to solve real world problems. By the end of the workshop participants will have a clear understanding of project-based learning, the benefits of this approach and how it can be integrated effectively into their classrooms.
Pre-Day Workshops

Change management in higher education

In this two hour workshop attendees will learn how to go about managing major change within their respective institutions. With technology increasing the pace of change across the education sector, there is more than ever a need for leaders able to guide their institutions along the often challenging road to transformation. This workshop will cover a range of hard and soft skills that budding change managers can use to effectively guide a transformation project from start to finish.
J.S. Perry Hobson Phd, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Taylor's University
Pre-Day Workshops

Implementing a LMS into your school

Deploying a LMS at your school is an enormous undertaking, it costs both time and money to get a proper system in place. A school software gives boost to the whole functioning method and is indeed the reflection of a modern education system. In this two hour workshop participants will learn the how to implement and work through a particular LMS including managing assignments, grading, attendance taking and a lot more.
Pre-Day Workshops

Gamification for higher education

In this two hour workshop attendees will participate in a gamified workshop that in turn will help them develop an essential understanding of the value of practical application of gamification in a tertiary classroom setting. Over the course of the interactive workshop attendees will learn about game mechanics and core elements, as well as how educational games can motivate students to learn and perform better.
Pre-Day Workshops

Robotics in Education

In this two hour workshop attendees will learn how robotics can be implemented within a classroom environment. Focused on STEM subjects, the workshop will look at some of the core benefits of robotics in the classroom or lab including sensory learning, hands-on innovation and cross-subject learning. The workshop will also address some practical considerations including cost and technical expertise requirements.
Pre-Day Workshops

Blended Learning: What you need to know? [Limited seats remaining]

In this two hour workshop attendees will be given the opportunity to get to grips with the basic tenants of blended learning. Key benefits will include developing a fundamental understanding of the advantages of a blended approach to students, the best platforms and other technology options to consider, an optimal strategy for selecting and sharing supplementary online resources, in-class pedagogies in support of blended learning and more.
Pre-Day Workshops

Personalised learning

This two-hour workshop is designed for educators who work with students which vary considerably in their ability to engage in their education. We will discuss the IEP (Individual Education Plan). The integration of Microsoft Office 365, will be explored within the context of creating meaningful and supportive IEP’s. Participants will be able to discuss things like the setting of goals and adjustments made to reach those goals. Furthermore, they will be able to discuss how they can adapt these to suit their contexts and student needs. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have identified which are right for their learning environments and students and have some practical activities to begin using these IEP’s in their educational contexts.
Pre-Day Workshops

Setting up your parent communication system

Effective parent-teacher communication is crucial in helping students learn. But, for busy parents it can be challenging just to keep up. Through this two hour workshop discover apps and other digital tools that make it easier to keep parents, teachers and students in the loop. Participants will take back useful tips to help them better engage parents.
Pre-Day Workshops

Getting started with meaningful ed-tech tools

This two hour workshop is designed for educators who are at the beginning of their journey in the use of technology to support teaching and learning. The integration of foundational technologies such as G Suite and Microsoft Office 365, as well as some new and emerging Web 2.0 tools, will be explored. Participants will engage with the tools through hands-on tasks, discovering how they can adapt them to suit their contexts and student needs and identifywhich tools are the right ones for their learning environments and classroom use. This workshop requires attendees to bring a laptop or tablet.
Pre-Day Workshops

Digital storytelling

In this two hour workshop attendees will explore how the latest ubiquitous technologies have enabled a transformation of storytelling from text to multimedia. Over the course of this workshop participants will in groups create stories using a selection of free to use mobile applications, which they will then share back with the group. The session will also explore how these digital storytelling approaches can be used across subjects in education.
Pre-Day Workshops

AR/VR in the classroom: The new normal?

In this two hour workshop, explore the great potential of deeply immersive experiences to engage students and create compelling learning opportunities. This workshop is designed for educational leaders and teachers in K-12, Higher Ed and Vocational who want to understand the VR / AR landscape, identify devices and platforms, understand content examples, costs and pedagogical underpinnings to develop a strategic plan to implement AR/ VR in their classrooms.
Brett Salakas, Educator MYP, MLC Sydney
Pre-Day Workshops

Moving your institution into the cloud

Moving the school’s infrastructure and software to the cloud can help save significant costs across the school, save time and enhance classroom impact. In this two hour workshop participants will get first-hand experience of implementing cloud solutions in their institutions. You will learn how to set-up, migrate and support end-end implementation and asses transformational change whilst future proofing your infrastructure in a sustainable and secure way
Pre-Day Workshops

Designing learning spaces

In this two hour workshop participants will learn about opportunities for faculty, student, and administrative input for redesigning learning spaces. Participants will learn how to create, manage and evaluate physical learning spaces and its transformation. They can walk away with specific ideas to increase effectiveness, develop ways of evaluating spaces and assessing the activities that occur in those spaces, use of technology that faculty and students can use right away, develop a testable plan and envision further iterations.


Workshop Session (1PM - 3PM) – Choose 1 of the following workshops

Pre-Day Workshops

Bringing wellness & mindfulness into the classroom

This two hours workshop is designed to provide students and teachers with strategies for managing stress to increase happiness, decrease anxiety, and allow the “Smart Part” of the brain to get to work on attention, memory, forward thinking, empathy and more.
Pre-Day Workshops

The Flipped Classroom: What’s new? [SOLD OUT]

In this two hour workshop attendees will explore how educators can implement a truly flipped classroom approach to their teaching. Through the session participants will develop an end to end approach to building a successful flipped classroom plan, from prioritising learning objectives to best-practice activities and testing to ensure understanding of pre-class learning through digital materials.
Lutz-Christian WOLFF, Dean of the Graduate School, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Pre-Day Workshops

Smart buildings & education: Making your building work for you

With increased security concerns, rising operations cost, ageing buildings and shrinking budgets, its challenging to build and maintain a sustainable effective learning environment. This workshop will help you develop a clear path to creating a secure, safe and energy-efficient school environment for enhanced student success and learning outcomes.
Pre-Day Workshops

SEN technology

In this two hour workshop attendees will study some of the key special educational needs applications of technology and assess how they could be implemented within their own institutions. Ideal for special needs educators, this workshop will assess some key education technology categories relevant for SEN institutions, as well as covering key challenges around adoption and relevancy.
Pre-Day Workshops

Implementing tech in your ECE institution

In this two hour workshop attendees will study some of the key early childhood education applications of developmentally appropriate technology and assess how they could be implemented within their own institutions. Ideal for early childhood educators, this workshop will assess some key education technology categories from reading and writing tools to personalised development assessment platforms, digital portfolios as well as covering the broader question of the efficacy of technology in early years learning.
Pre-Day Workshops

Co-teaching – A model for student and teachers

Time, trust, and training are challenges General Ed and Learning Support Teachers face as they work together to create inclusive classrooms. We’ve identified 6 models of classroom collaboration between Learning Support and General Education to provide a structure for working together, maximizing time, and building trust. These models are Teacher Note-Taker, Lead and Support, Station Teaching, Feedback Driven, Differentiated group, and Team Teaching. This workshop includes short instructional videos on each of the 6 models of collaboration. The videos have descriptions and examples how to to implement each mode in the classroom. Participants will also receive conversation guides, sample rubrics, and other resources to use and share. Participants will be equipped to not only start implementing effective co-teaching in their own classrooms, but also have the skills and resources to bring this training back to their colleagues. Because the training is available digitally, teachers can watch it on their own time and slowly incorporate one model at a time. Conversation guides and define roles help establish trust
Pre-Day Workshops

Creating student think tanks

This two hour workshop is for anyone interested in bringing student-driven education into the digital age. As talk increases around students have more free time to pursue their own interests, teaching students to create interactive spaces where users can come to learn about topics through synthesised studies, allows us to create communities of sharing and learning. Attendees will leave this ‘how-to’ tutorial able to guide their own students or learning communities in creating personalized-learning-platforms (PLPs). Using current examples of student creations, we will see how PLPs empower students to creatively show their thinking, target selected audiences, evaluate the embedding of technological tools, teach concepts to others, and constructively network with their peers.
Pre-Day Workshops

Successful STEAM

Bring out the natural explorer in your students. STEAM provides science, technology, engineering, art, and math instruction in a fun, relaxed environment that focuses on hands-on, problem based activities. Learn how students can gain confidence in STEAM subjects and develop real world skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, communication, creativity, and teamwork.
Danny Summerell, STEAM Educator and Innovations Leader, Hazel Glen College
Pre-Day Workshops

Advanced ed-tech tools for your classroom [SOLD OUT]

This two-hour workshop has been created to build upon skills that may already exist as part of the educator’s tool box or have been learned in the beginner’s workshop on the use of technology to support teaching and learning. Participants will see how tools such as Adobe Spark with its three platforms, post, page and video, provides a powerful foundation to leverage other learning tools such as Edpuzzle, Flipgrid and Tour Builder, and this will form the basis of the workshop. Participants will also be introduced to an online global writing community Write the World, which opens opportunities for student writers to engage in authentic writing activities, hearing directly from authors, editors, bloggers, publishers and other young writers from around the world. This workshop requires attendees to bring a laptop or tablet.
Pre-Day Workshops

K-12 gamification strategies and game-based curriculum study app

Understand the value of practical application of gamification in a classroom setting. Learn how a Student Study app can help personalising feedback, reporting and assessment with the aid of a private teacher portal, and the capacity to individually upload questions, as well as utilise the test questions already available, creating limitless scope for you and your students alike.
Pre-Day Workshops

Cyber Security

In this two hour workshop attendees will take a closer look at some of the key cyber security challenges facing today’s educational institutions, and the key steps that IT professionals need to take to minimise risks. From students bringing their own devices to increasingly pervasive WiFi networks on campus, the threat of cyber-attacks on educational institutions are growing each year. This session will be a useful opportunity for IT leaders, system administrators and other back office professionals to discuss key cyber security strategies from policy to software.
Pre-Day Workshops

Marketing & branding your institution

In this two hour workshop attendees will discuss and design best practice strategies for marketing their institutions. With parents and students faced with a greater array of choice than ever before when it comes school and university applications, there is more than ever a need for talented marketers to help build brands and execute end-to-end marketing programmes that can increase institutional prestige, admissions and industry partnerships. This session will identify key marketing strategies that institutions can be put in to play right away.
Prantik Mazumdar, Managing Partner, HappyMarketer
Pre-Day Workshops

Google apps & tools for your classroom [Limited seats remaining]

In this two hour workshop participants will explore examples of how to amplify student voice in their classroom/school using a range G Suite for Education Apps. Time will be dedicated to hands on experiences relevant to each participant’s individual needs. This program is run to promote and practise learner agency with guidance for basic and advanced abilities in Google Apps. Creation of useful takeaways to increase student voice and self-paced learning is the focus of this session.

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