Students leading the sustainability charge

6-7 November 2024 – Conference & Exhibition

Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Singapore


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Google for Education

Imagine a place where student ideas spring to life, where their solutions tackle the planet’s most pressing issues – that place is none other than the EDUtech Planet Protectors arena! More than a competition, it’s a call to action for young minds eager to make a real difference in the world.

Are YOUR students passionate about protecting our planet? Do they have ideas that can transform the way we live for a greener tomorrow?  If your students are aged 10 and above, we’re inviting them to form groups of 4-5 to turn those ideas into reality! Educators, you will be their guide, and under your mentorship, your student team will craft innovative solutions to tackle real-world environmental challenges.


Why become a Planet Protector:

In the face of escalating environmental challenges, the need for sustainable solutions has never been more urgent. Yet, there exists a significant gap between awareness and action. The EDUtech Planet Protectors initiative seeks to bridge this divide, spotlighting the crucial role of student-led innovation in driving real-world environmental change. This initiative aims to:

✅ illuminate the potential of young minds in crafting sustainable futures
✅ spark a shift in educational paradigms
✅ drive greater emphasis on global citizenship
✅ address an immediate environmental issue
✅ cultivate a generation of mindful and resource-efficient individuals

Once projects have been developed, teams will be invited to showcase their prototype at EDUtech Asia in Singapore on 6-7 November 2024. 6 selected teams will be invited to present during the Keynotes on Day 2 (7 November 2024).


The Challenge:

(Available in TWO leagues)


This year's theme aims to tackle waste management and hopes to spark innovative solutions to tackle modern-day issues such as e-waste, food waste, plastic waste and much more. Waste management is a pressing issue that demands immediate attention, especially in the context of sustainability. By challenging students to tackle waste issues, we not only address an immediate environmental issue but also cultivate a generation of mindful and resource-efficient individuals. This initiative seeks to transform the tide of waste into a wave of sustainability, proving that small changes, in how we view and handle them, can lead to significant environmental benefits. 

Powered by Google tools, teams need develop an initiative to tackle waste management and show us your prototype.

K-12 League

Suitable for ages: 10 to 17 (Upper Primary/4th Grade to Upper Secondary)

HE League

Suitable for ages: 18 and above (Post-Secondary/ High School/ HEIs)



The TECH & Tools:

Here are a range of tools you can use 

⚙️ Google Workspace
⚙️ AppSheet
⚙️ Teachable Machine
⚙️ ChromeOS Flex
⚙️ Gemini (For users 18 and above only)
⚙️ Google Maps/Earth/MyMaps

Note: Your solution must leverage Google technologies as the primary technological solution.


Need some inspiration?

Here are some ideas you can consider: 

💡 recycle old neighborhood devices and use ChromeOS Flex to create a community library/comp lab (e-waste)
💡create trash sorting robot using Teachable Machine
💡create automated script on Google Sheets (Workspace) that would make trash collection schedule more efficient
💡use AI for a recycling kiosk  / recycling library with Gemini


Important Dates:

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