Elsa Abranches, Group Leader, Section Of Stem Cell Biology, UK Stem Cell Bank, NIBSC

Pinar Akcakaya, Senior Research Scientist, AstraZeneca

Pinar Akcakaya | Senior Research Scientist | AstraZeneca » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Frank Barry, Scientific Director, Regenerative Medicine Institute

Frank Barry | Scientific Director | Regenerative Medicine Institute » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Elena Beltrami, Head of Technology Transfer, Fondazione Telethon

Elena Beltrami | Head of Technology Transfer | Fondazione Telethon » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Axel Boehnke, Director Market Access EU North, PTC Therapeutics

Jaap Boelens, Chief; Stem Cell Transplantation And Cellular Therapies Pediatrics, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

Luc Boileau, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Inesss

Luc Boileau | Chairman and Chief Executive Officer | Inesss » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Greg Bonfiglio, Managing Partner, Proteus Venture Partners

Greg Bonfiglio | Managing Partner | Proteus Venture Partners » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Didier Caizergues, Director Of Regulatory Affairs, Genethon

John Campbell, Associate Director, Tissues, Cells & Advanced Therapeutics, Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

Paul S Carter, Cell & Gene Therapy Platform Cmc, GlaxoSmithKline

Paul S Carter | Cell & Gene Therapy Platform Cmc | GlaxoSmithKline » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Vittorio Colizzi, Professor of Immunology, University of Rome Tor Vergata

Vittorio Colizzi | Professor of Immunology | University of Rome Tor Vergata » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Jean-Philippe Combal, Co-Founder And Chief Executive Officer, Vivet Therapeutics

Armando Cuesta Díaz, Partner, Ilana Capital

Davide Danovi, Director, Hipsci Cell Phenotyping Programme, King's College London

Eric Michael David, CEO-in-Residence, Gene Therapy, BridgeBio-Gene Therapy

Eric Michael David | CEO-in-Residence, Gene Therapy | BridgeBio-Gene Therapy » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Victoria English, Victoria English, Co-Founder And Editor, Evernow Publications

Debora Esposito, PhD candidate, N.C. State University

Debora Esposito | PhD candidate | N.C. State University » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Prof Farzin Farzaneh, Professor Of Molecular Medicine, King's College Hospital

Michela Gabaldo, Head Of Alliance Management, Fondazione Telethon

Janet Glassford, Quality Assessor, MHRA

Janet Glassford | Quality Assessor | MHRA » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Lise Marie Grav, Postdoc, Technical university of denmark

Uta Griesenbach, Professor Of Molecular Medicine, Imperiai College London

Ravindra Gupta, Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow in Clinical Science, UCL Division of Infection and Immunity, UCL

Ravindra Gupta | Wellcome Trust Senior Fellow in Clinical Science, UCL Division of Infection and Immunity | UCL » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Patrick J Hanley, Director of GMP for Immunotherapy, Children's National Medical Center

Patrick J Hanley | Director of GMP for Immunotherapy | Children's National Medical Center » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Hansjörg Hauser, Head Of Dept. Of Scientific Strategy, Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research GmbH

Dawn Henke, Senior Technical Program Manager, Standards Coordinating Body

Dawn Henke | Senior Technical Program Manager | Standards Coordinating Body » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Christoph Herwig, Professor of Biochemical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology

Edward Hodgkin, Partner, Syncona Partners

Annie Hubert, Director, European Public Policy, Alliance for Regenerative Medicine

Annie Hubert | Director, European Public Policy | Alliance for Regenerative Medicine » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Vaidehi Joshi, Scientist II, Therapeutics,, Organovo

Steve Kanner, Chief Scientific Officer, Caribou Bio

Dr Bo Kara, Head Process Development, GlaxoSmithKline

Cornelia Kasper, Professor, Biopharmaceutical Production And Technology, B.O.K.U.

Hans Keirstead, Chief Executive Officer, AiVita Biomedical

Sven Kili, Vice President And Head Of Gene Therapy Development, Sven Kili Consulting

Sven Kili | Vice President And Head Of Gene Therapy Development | Sven Kili Consulting » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Sven Kili, Vice President And Head Of Gene Therapy Development, Sven Kili Consulting

Sven Kili | Vice President And Head Of Gene Therapy Development | Sven Kili Consulting » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Shane Kovacs, Chief Business Officer And Chief Financial Officer, BlueRock Therapeutics

Shane Kovacs | Chief Business Officer And Chief Financial Officer | BlueRock Therapeutics » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Dmitry Kuzmin, Managing Partner, 4Bio Capital

Lawrence Lamb, Executive Vice President And Chief Scientific Officer, Incysus Therapeutics

Chaim Lebovits, Chief Executive Officer, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc

Frank Luyten, Director, Katholeieke Universiteit Leuven

Dr Danilo Maddalo, Laboratory Head, Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research

John Maher, Chief Scientific Officer, Leucid Bio

Sakis Mantalaris, Professor, BioMedical Systems Engineering Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology

David Mazzo, Chief Executive Officer, Caladrius Biosciences

Joanna Miller, Chief Scientific Officer, Cell Therapy Sciences

Joanna Miller | Chief Scientific Officer | Cell Therapy Sciences » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Federico Mingozzi, Chief Scientific Officer, Spark Therapeutics

Federico Mingozzi | Chief Scientific Officer | Spark Therapeutics » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Jennifer Moody, Senior Director, Research Operations, BlueRock Therapeutics

Neill Moray Mackenzie, Chairman And Board Mamber, Cellular Therapeutics Ltd

Neill Moray Mackenzie | Chairman And Board Mamber | Cellular Therapeutics Ltd » speaking at Advanced Therapies

David Morrow, Program Manager, EATRIS

Mary Murphy, Principle Investigator, Remedi National University of Ireland Galway

Mary Murphy | Principle Investigator | Remedi National University of Ireland Galway » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Alexander Natz, Secretary General, European Confederation of Pharmaceutical Entrepreneurs (Belgium)

Jelena Ochs, Manager Business Unit Life Sciences Engineering, Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology

Dominic O'Reagan, Director And Investor, New Mosaic

Palani Palaniappan, Head Of Technical Operations And Andover Site, Sarepta Therapeutics

Ioannis Papantoniou, Adjunct Professor, KU Leuven

Detlev Parow, Head Pharmaceutical Department, D.A.K.

David Pauza, Chief Science Officer, American Gene Technologies International Inc.

Sergey Piletsky, Professor, University of Leicester

Sergey Piletsky | Professor | University of Leicester » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Dr Qasim Rafiq, Associate Professor, Bioprocessing Of Cell And Gene Therapies, University College London

Lior Raviv, Vice President Of Development, Pluristem Therapeutics

Albert Ribickas, Bmt/Qc Laboratories Manager, Cell Therapies Facility, Moffitt Cancer Center

Dr Barry Rosen, Senior Principal Scientist And Director, AstraZeneca

Igor Rudychev, Head of US Digital, Data, and Innovations, AstraZeneca

Igor Rudychev | Head of US Digital, Data, and Innovations | AstraZeneca » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Dominic Schmidt, Partner, Syncona Investment Management Ltd

Ra Session II, Chief Business Officer, BridgeBio-Gene Therapy

Ra Session II | Chief Business Officer | BridgeBio-Gene Therapy » speaking at Advanced Therapies

Devyn Smith, Chief Strategy Officer And Head Of Operations, Sigilon

Alan Smith, Executive Vice President, Technical Operations, Bellicum Pharmaceuticals

Dr Bob Valamehr, Vice President Of Cancer Immunotherapy, Fate Therapeutics

Dr Alain Vertes, Managing Director, NxR Biotechnologies

Dr Michael West, Chief Executive Officer, AgeX Therapeutics

Dr Masahide Yano, Research Scientist, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Stefano Zancan, Head Clinical Development And Operations, Fondazione Telethon





“Let me congratulate you on a job well done in helping organise the speakers and presentations for last week's Advanced Therapies Congress. I thought the entire meeting had a lot of substance, which made it stand out from many other meetings.”


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