Steven Reed | Chief Executive Officer
HDT Bio Corp

Steven Reed, Chief Executive Officer, HDT Bio Corp

Steve Reed is the co-founder, President, and CEO of HDT Bio, based in Seattle, USA. His academic appointments include Adjunct Professor of Medicine at Cornell University Medical College Research Professor of Pathobiology at the University of Washington. Dr. Reed received a PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from the University of Montana in 1979. That year he was appointed as Scientist of the National Institute of Amazon Research in Manaus, Brazil, where he directed research on tropical diseases.


Day 2 - November 29 @ 10:15

Keynote Panel: SupeRNAtural: Realizing the potential of RNA therapeutics for ID & Cancer

There are a wide variety of RNA molecules used to inhibit infectious diseases and cancer, a discussion of the common challenges in:


  •   Targeting multiple antigens simultaneously
  •   Safety - More RNA = more side effects
  •   Achieving equal expression
  •   Delivering effective doses with lower amounts
  •   Combination vaccines
  •   Formulation 
  •   T-cells

Day 2 - November 29 @ 15:30

AMPLIFY Vaccine Platform: repRNA + LION™

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