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The World Vaccine & Immunotherapy Congress is an award-winning series of conferences and an exhibition that has grown to become the largest and most established vaccine meeting of its kind across the globe. Our credibility is shown through the prestigious scientific advisory board that spend months of hard work creating a new and topical agenda, year on year.

Now in its 5th annual, the World Vaccine & Immunotherapy Congress West Coast, will continue to bring experts from the whole value chain under one roof, where you get to meet decision makers in the areas that are most applicable for your business offering.

With 500+ potential customers in attendance there will be opportunities to meet & network with contacts who are looking for solutions to commercial and scientific challenges in manufacturing, clinical trials, strategy and regulation for immune monitoring, AMR and vaccine development for infectious diseases and cancer immunotherapies.

This one event will provide you with a one stop progressive scientific and strategic solution to the vaccine and cancer immunotherapy industry. Stay abreast of the latest developments in faster, more cost-effective and more efficacious vaccines & immunotherapies, through executive level commentary, case studies and real time analysis from key stakeholders.


Scientific Affairs • Immunotherapy • Influenza • Infectious Disease • R&D • Regulatory Affairs • Manufacturing • Immunology • Oncology • Vaccines • Clinical Development • Procurement



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from strength to strength


From Strength to Strength The World Vaccine & Immunotherapy Congress has gone from strength to strength, changing locations and now venue to accommodate new growth. 2021 will be an unmissable edition where 500+ industry professionals will join us in San Diego.

companies up 200%
numbers up 275%
121 Partnering
meetings up 225%
numbers up 250%










Whilst vaccines have been available for many decades, novel technology has allowed the industry to improve the efficacy of current vaccines and to develop new vaccines to novel targets. With representation from all the major vaccine manufacturers and specialised biotechnology companies, join us to hear the latest developments in bacterial and viral vaccines for respiratory diseases and nosocomial infectious to emerging diseases and hard to target pathogens. Covering topics from pre-clinical to clinical vaccine development and commercialization, use of animal models, clinical trials and bioprocessing and manufacture you cannot afford to miss this event if you are involved in the vaccine industry.



Threatened by infectious diseases and the unknown, it’s more important than ever to unite every stakeholder from policy makers in government, HTA/payers, healthcare professionals, academic scientists to manufacturers and new SMEs to challenge the existing vaccine and antibody lifecycle model and understand the rationale for developers to produce lower commercial interest vaccines and antibodies, and the challenges/opportunities associated in working with the government.



Efforts to characterise the immune system to understand underlying disease mechanisms and develop a better understanding of response and resistance to treatment has stepped up in recent years. It is essential to stay up to date with the latest research and technologies such as AI and machine learning that are accelerating the pace of discovery. There is significant crossover between infectious disease and cancer when it comes to immune characterisation, interplay with T/B cells, multifaceted technology platforms, vaccine & antibody design



Immunotherapy has revolutionised our approach to the treatment of cancer, and survival rates for many patients have increased dramatically but research is still needed to develop therapies that will be effective for all patients. Novel combinations, novel modalities and a better understanding of the best & most immunogenic antigens to target are still needed so join us as we discuss the latest discoveries that are promising to bring effective treatments to all patients.