World Vaccine & Immunotherapy Congress West Coast 2023
World Vaccine Congress West Coast 2023


Poster Zone



The deadline for Scientific Poster Submissions has now passed. Thank you for all submissions.


The posters will be displayed in the congress exhibition hall and will stay up throughout the congress Nov 28 - 30. If you are listed below please arrive on the morning of the Nov 28 to put them up on the boards within the Poster Zone.


We are also promoting all attendees to visit the Poster Zone at: 12:40 on Nov 28, 13:30 on Nov 29, and 13:00 on Nov 30.
Poster presenters should be stationed next to their poster at these times.


Organization or Academic Institution

Poster Title

Jimena Werner-Sunderland, MD, MPH, Daniela Bautista-Reyes, BSc, Alondra Coral Aragón-Gama, BSc, MPH. José Roberto Cabral Duran, BSc, MSc Karla Daniela Contreras-Medina, BSc, Manuel Urbina-Fuentes, MD, MSc et Elysse Bautista-Gonzalez, MD, MSc, PhD

Latinxs Against AMR

Health-care & vaccines policies during the COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico: a continuous case of heterogeneous, reactive, and unequal response


Yang Yang

WestGene Biopharma

Revolutionizing Vaccine Science: WestGene Pharma's Innovative mRNA Platforms


Lilli Stergiou

Virometix AG

V-212, a novel peptide-based serotype-independent vaccine candidate against Streptococcus pneumoniae


Izabela Ragan

Solaris Vaccines

SolaVAX: A Novel Photochemical Inactivation Method for the Rapid Production of Whole-Pathogen Vaccines


Barbara Sullinger


Development of a Shigella Vaccine Using Cell-Free to Express Invasion Plasmid Antigen B (IpaB) and Its Cognate Chaperone IpgC


Mahita Jarjapu

La Jolla Institute for Immunology

Defining the features facilitating accurate prediction of antibodies binding to the same epitope


Hailong Guo

IGM Biosciences

Decameric ACE2 as pan-COVID therapeutic


Andrei Avanesov

Moderna, Inc.

Biomarker strategy and approaches for evaluating humoral immune responses to the seasonal influenza mRNA vaccine in humans


Ankita Singh


Production of SARS-CoV-2 Spike RBD using the Baculovirus Expression System


Khaled Mriziq


Single-Step Column Purification for H1N1 Virus Using an Anion Exchange Chromatography Resin


Gianluca Roma

EV Therapeutics

Treatment of immune "cold" tumors with engineered extracellular vesicle-based therapeutic cancer vaccine


Nikolay Sergeev

Axbio Inc

Precision Insights into the Stability of Vaccine Formulations via Optical Imaging


Charles McKenna

University of Southern California

New and more effective prodrugs against adenovirus, other DNA viruses and coronavirus: development of a versatile, targetable and highly tunable promoiety platform for nucleoside phosphonates and phosphates.


Sarah Auclair

Scripps Research

A novel HIV nanoparticle vaccine displaying glycan-trimmed Env trimers elicits tier 2 neutralizing antibody responses in mice, rats, and rhesus macaques


Danny Conrad


MULTI-seq: lipid-conjugated DNA barcodes for multiplexed single-cell sequencing


Atharva Bhalerao

Orlance, Inc.

mRNA and DNA vaccines formulated onto gold microparticles are stable at room-temperature for up to 6 months post-formulation.


Heather Platt


A Phase 3 Study to Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability, and Immunogenicity of V116, a Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine Designed for Adults (STRIDE-3)


James Rozzelle


A CPAF-adjuvant  conjugate vaccine demonstrates robust Th1/17 responses and significantly reduces Chlamydia burden in female mice


Keegan Braz Gomes

Scripps Research

Flu Fighters: A single-component self-assembling protein nanoparticle presenting tandem M2e as a universal influenza A vaccine


Subodh Samrat

University of Arizona

Identification of small molecule inhibitors against the nsP2 protease (nsP2pro) of Chikungunya virus


Hope O'Donnell

Spring Science

Novel adjuvant discovery using machine learning analyses of human PBMC treated with a large, bioactive compound library


Paulina Zarodkiewicz

Queen's University Belfast

Killing two birds with one stone:  Novel T-cell based cross-protective vaccines


Pranti Das


AAV8 Scalable Purification Using Mixed-Mode Chromatography