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Riley Griffin, Health Reporter, Bloomberg

Riley Griffin is a journalist for Bloomberg News, where she reports on health policy, biosecurity and pandemic preparedness. Based in Washington, D.C., Riley covers how the US is working to counter naturally occurring, accidental and deliberate health threats. She received a Front Page Award for in-depth reporting on the Covid-19 pandemic. Previously based in New York, Riley covered the U.S. pharmaceutical industry, focusing on the development of blockbuster cancer treatments, mergers-and-acquisitions and the opioid crisis. Riley graduated magna cum laude from Duke University, where she was recognized with the Sanford School of Public Policy's Melcher Award for excellence in journalism. Her work has been featured in HuffPost and The Poynter Institute, and she has contributed to the research and editing of books by historians and novelists.


Day 1 - November 28 @ 09:20

Fireside chat: Government perspective & priorities on the future of pandemic preparedness in the USA

  • Priority areas for funding
  • How does small biotech to big pharma work under the new loan authority?
  • What does the future look like for government agencies

Day 3 - November 30 @ 09:40

Keynote Panel: Platforms of the future: from precision therapies to synthetic immune systems

  • Could new platform technologies enable us to develop countermeasures rapidly enough to stop emerging viral threats before pandemics ensue?
  • Are broad-spectrum (pan-variant) prophylactics a possible way forward?
  • When will we see the first clinically approved mRNA or DNA-encoded therapeutics, from gene-editing to immunotherapy?
  • Could advances in AI and synthetic biology enable personalized medicines (e.g. for cancers) to be developed at a population scale?
  • Would regulators agree to accelerate approval of platform-based medicines based on the safety and efficacy of different candidates from the same platform?
  • Can Government, biopharma, and venture capital co-fund platform technologies, especially for technologies of dual commercial and national security interest?
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