Petro Terblanche | Chief Executive Officer
Afrigen Biologics (Pty) Ltd

Petro Terblanche, Chief Executive Officer, Afrigen Biologics (Pty) Ltd

Professor Petro Terblanche has a successful track record in the strategic and operational management of technology intensive organizations. She has played a key part in the design and implementation of South Africa’s biotechnology strategy. She holds the position of Managing Director of Afrigen Biologics (Pty)Ltd based in Cape Town, South Africa. Afrigen hosts the global mRNA technology vaccine Hub under the COVAX initiative and has a mRNA COVID-19 vaccine candidate in development as part of a global program to build capacity and capabilities in LMICs to design, develop and produce mRNA vaccines. Petro also holds a part-time position as Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at the North-West University. A considerable part of her career was in research, development and innovation at the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) as well as the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). She has several qualifications which include a Master of Science in Medical Oncology and Cancer Biology and a Doctorate in Oncology and Cancer Biology from the University of Pretoria. She was a visiting scientist at Harvard University School of Public Health and thereafter completed a Management of Technology program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in addition to several management and leadership programs from leading institutions globally.  Professor Terblanche is the author of more than 200 scientific publications and conference papers in public health. She was recently acknowledged as one of the legends of science by the Academy of Sciences South Africa.


Pre-Congress Workshops - Monday 28th October @ 13:00

Vaccine Equity Workshop [PM2]

Day 1 - Tuesday 29th October @ 09:40

Strategies for Achieving Global Immunization Equity: How Soon Can We Make It a Reality?

-      Overview of global efforts to address inequities in distribution and access

-      Local production, equitable distribution?

-      Market shaping and health financing

-      Impact of vaccination on infectious disease epidemiology

-      How can we strategically align approaches with specific country requirements and adapt them to diverse disease landscapes for equitable outcomes?

-      Is the global vaccine pipeline in development aligned with local and regional disease priorities to address immunization equity? How important is end to end R&D and manufacturing capacity in LMICs to achieve global immunization?

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