William Ampofo | Executive Director
African Vaccine Manufacturing Initiative

William Ampofo, Executive Director, African Vaccine Manufacturing Initiative

Prof. William Ampofo is a Virologist and has a keen interest in the management of viral infections, teaches graduate student courses and conducts research projects on viral diseases as an Associate Professor of Virology at the University of Ghana, College of Health Sciences, Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research / Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences. William is the Chief Executive Officer of the National Vaccine Institute, which coordinates and oversees research, development, and manufacturing of vaccines in Ghana. He serves on various national, regional, and global committees/ bodies relating to vaccines and biologicals, viral diseases, and health security. William has also served on WHO advisory groups for influenza including global influenza vaccine production, immunization, and pandemic influenza preparedness. He was also an advisor to the WHO International Health Regulations Emergency Committee on Ebola. William chaired AVMI’s Board of Directors from 2012 to 2023. He has been a passionate advocate for local vaccine manufacturing on the continent


Pre-Congress Workshops - Monday 28th October @ 14:00

Vaccine Equity Workshop [PM2]

Day 1 - Tuesday 29th October @ 09:40

Strategies for Achieving Global Immunization Equity: How Soon Can We Make It a Reality?

-      Overview of global efforts to address inequities in distribution and access

-      Local production, equitable distribution?

-      Market shaping and health financing

-      Impact of vaccination on infectious disease epidemiology

-      How can we strategically align approaches with specific country requirements and adapt them to diverse disease landscapes for equitable outcomes?

-      Is the global vaccine pipeline in development aligned with local and regional disease priorities to address immunization equity? How important is end to end R&D and manufacturing capacity in LMICs to achieve global immunization?

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