World Vaccine Congress Europe
World Vaccine Congress Europe


Main Conference

29-31 October 2024 | Barcelona



The World Vaccine Congress is the largest, most established meeting dedicated to vaccines.

From basic research to commercial manufacture, this one meeting covers the whole vaccine value chain where science, government and manufacturers all come together to groundbreaking progress.



Conference Key Topics


Covid & Beyond

Covid & Beyond

The most up to date and keynote driven content around the pandemic so far.


Cancer Immunotherapy

Cancer & Immunotherapy

Global market leaders will come together to share the latest in early-stage scientific advancements, present clinical trial data, discuss new formulations of cancer vaccines and assess the future of combination treatments.


Immune Profiling

At the intersection of precision medicine and vaccine design, the immune profiling conference explores recent efforts into infectious disease modelling, immune characterization and T/B cell interplay. Showcasing multifaceted technology platforms and powerful tools like multi-omic analysis, to offer deeper insights into the immune system, tailoring vaccines to individuals, and unlocking new avenues to advance early vaccine development. 

Influenza & Respiratory

Influenza & Respiratory

This track will give the latest updates in RSV, influenza, pneumococcal, pan- and combinational vaccines across maternal young and eldering populations.


Emerging and re-emerging diseases

Emerging & Re-Emerging Diseases

The WHO blueprint has helped focus what the priority pathogens are, but where are the gaps in our knowledge in order to prepare for disease X? Look at the lessons learned in pandemic preparedness from Ebola, Mpox, Malaria, Dengue, Nipah, Chikungunya to name a few. .


Vaccine Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

This focused clinical development track will allow you to showcase your expertise or learn from those involved in running new trial designs, challenge models and correlates of protection. Come to these sessions to understand how move your vaccine candidates through development phases to licensure.


Bioprocessing & manufacturing

Bioprocessing & Manufacturing

Join this track to meet with the manufacture and bioprocessing leads who need services for all of the latest manufacturing challenges, from formulation to incorporating adjuvants, improving mRNA platforms, VLPs and viral vectors, to technology transfer and decentralised manufacturing.


Veterinary Vaccine


An increased focus on one health and cross boundary zoonotic infectious diseases has made these sessions extremely topical. Join these sessions to see how the human and veterinary experts are joining forces to battle emerging threatening diseases from avian influenza , pandemic preparedness to the consequences of climate change.


Vaccine Partnerships


Expand your network and partner internationally at these partnering session. From public private partnerships, government funding to venture capitalists. this track provides a space for those directly involved in cementing the details of partnerships with big pharma, biotechs, academia and non-profit organisations to share their case studies and gain insight into best practice. Join in the afternoon to hear the most promising vaccine startups and showcase pitches.


Vaccine Safety

Vaccine Safety

This focussed vaccine safety track will allow you to listen and learn from key thought leaders in this space, as well as to showcase any solutions that are greatly needed in order to revolutionise and replace outdated ways of working. Furthermore, escalating incidences of vaccine-refusal makes the importance of effective communication paramount, so join us to present your most successful strategies.


Supply & Logistics

Supply & Logistics

During the “decade of vaccines” the introduction of new vaccines, the vaccination of groups beyond infancy and tackling the equity gap in providing vaccines to all has meant that outdated immunization supply chains have been overstretched and have outgrown their ability to cope – come to these sessions to learn how we are dealing with the supply demands and the technologies that will allow last mile delivery.


Market Access


The access track will take a deep dive into understanding the dynamics governing global vaccine markets and what interventions can be made to ensure a more resilient public health infrastructure.