Joris Vandeputte | Past President

Joris Vandeputte, Past President, IABS

Dr. Veterinary Medicine, virologist, global networking in human and animal health, vaccines and diagnostics, global disease control, one health, public affairs with EU, WHO, Asian and African authorities and experienced in vaccine translational development.
Achievements in brief:

  • Discovery of H1N1 influenza in swine and its zoonotic role
  • Heading business units vaccines for swine and ruminants
  • Technical support and international regulatory affairs at Rhône-Mérieux, Merial
  • Creating sustainable collaboration between GAVI/The Vaccine Fund and the EU
  • Support to tuberculosis vaccine development at TBVI
  • Strengthening GALVMED vaccine networks in Africa, leading roles in EU networks ZAPI (platform technologies for human and animal vaccines, pandemic preparedness)
  • VAC2VAC (3R’s in vitro batch control), MANCO (development of monoclonal antibodies against SARSCoV-2)
  • Participation in DRIVE (flu vaccine effectiveness) and INNO4VAC (human infection models)
  • Overview of animal challenge models for COVID-19 vaccines, correlates of protection for COVID-19 vaccines
  • Participating in strategies on pandemic preparedness, high pathogenic influenza and African Swine Fever control
  • President of IABS (international Alliance for Biological Standardization) 2016-2022
  • Advisor to vaccine companies and disease control initiatives.


Pre-Congress Workshops - Monday 28th October @ 10:00

Biothreats & Disease X Workshop [AM2]

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