Harald Deprosse | Partner
Envolved GmbH

Harald Deprosse, Partner, Envolved GmbH

The internationally experienced Industrial Engineer started his professional career at Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. After six years he joined Lufthansa in 1999, where he held various top management positions within the airline. In 2011 he took over responsibility for Miles & More, Europes largest Frequent Traveller Program. After the Program’ s carve-out in 2014 he co-lead Miles & More GmbH as Managing Director for 7 years before joining Envolved as Partner in 2021.

Envolved is an independant cross-industry consulting company for customer centric management. Core competencies comprise customer experience, CRM & loyalty, sales & marketing automation, data integrated business, omni-channel marketing and innovation & change - from strategy development to implementation.


World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 12:55

Panel: Loyalty beyond transaction – how can airlines understand the emotions and lifetime value of individual customers to garner long-term loyalty?

World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 15:10

Panel: How can we optimize engagement with aviation loyalty programs by adapting to recent changes in passenger behaviours surrounding sustainability and Gen Y & Z culture?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 12:15

Panel: What can airlines learn and gain from other industries through partnerships?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 14:30

Panel: What does the future of loyalty hold when integrating new opportunities in tech such as crypto, NFTs, and the metaverse?

last published: 16/May/22 14:36 GMT

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