Aspire Learning Resources

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At Aspire Learning Resources, we're more than a not-for-profit organisation – we're a passionate community on a mission to make a difference through education. For over 30 years, we have delivered successful employment outcomes through competency-based skills development, assessments and workplace training resources. We have partnered with governments, the corporate sector, industry, peak bodies, TAFEs and RTOs to build pathways to lifelong learning.

We've seen firsthand the importance of quality VET resources that empower learners and support trainers and assessors. That's why we're dedicated to delivering industry-aligned,  learning outcomes that meet the unique needs of learners at every stage of their educational journey. Our focus is on developing resources that build real skills, extend digital literacy and promote positive employment outcomes. From interactive online courses to engaging workshops, our diverse range of resources are tailored to meet tomorrow’s skills-based economy.

In 2001, we established the Aspire Foundation with a powerful idea: to provide everybody with access to vocational training programs that improve their lives. Your support is crucial to this mission. Every resource you purchase not only enriches your own learning journey but also directly contributes to the Aspire Foundation. To date, we’ve donated over $500,000 to projects that have made real differences in people's lives. With your support, we can achieve our mission of investing over $1,000,000 worth of resources into programs that improve educational and life outcomes for all.

Together, we're not just building skills – we're building futures. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey with us.