Ben Scholl | Co Founder
Toolbox Education

Ben Scholl, Co Founder, Toolbox Education

Ben is the co-founder of Toolbox Education and Toolbox Clinic. He has worked in and with schools in Australia and the UK for the past 10 years, designing and running meaningful and interactive educational experiences that engage students and change behaviours. With a background in student wellbeing, workshop design and facilitation, Ben co-founded Toolbox Education as a response to the mental health crisis facing young people. Recognizing the urgent need to support students with practical wellbeing tools, Ben teamed up with psychologist David Berlinski to provide workshops to schools that taught students the tools they would learn from a psychologist. The organisation now works with over 140 schools in Melbourne and Sydney, employing over 25 facilitators. 2 years later, following heavy demand from parents, staff and students, Ben co-founded Toolbox Clinic, a dedicated psychology clinic providing individual therapy sessions to teenagers and adults.   


Day 2 @ 14:20

PANEL - Effective mental health support strategies and services

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