Elephant Robotics


Elephant Robotics stands as a beacon of innovation in the field of robotics, with a focus on comprehensive services encompassing research and development, platform software, and intelligent manufacturing services. Since our establishment in 2016, we are fueled by a steadfast commitment to our vision, “Enjoy Robots World.” As staunch advocates for bringing robots into everyone’s life, we are devoted to providing everyone with the opportunity to experience the convenience and benefits that robots bring in the real world.

With an annual shipment volume surpassing 50, 000 units and a diverse clientele of over 500, Elephant Robotics has successfully expanded to 51 countries and regions. Our robotic products and solutions, embraced in various industries such as manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, retail, education, and research, have received widespread praise and recognition from users and partners globally.

We’ve independently developed a diverse product line catering to payloads ranging from 0.25 to 10 kg, including educational robots (myCobot/mechArm/ultraArm/myBuddy/myArm/myAGV), professional robots (P/C/myCobot Pro), and Mercury humanoid robot (A1/B1/X1). Our commitment extends to innovative education solutions, encompassing AI Kits, Compound Robot Kits, and the Robotics Education Solution. Additionally, we’re pioneers in bionic robotic pets (MarsCat, metaCat, and metaDog) for companionship across various demographics.