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Jump into these thought-provoking, practical and engaging seminars run by world leading experts in edtech. Give yourself and your team the confidence boost you need, or the tips and tricks you've been looking for to tackle those projects that have seemed too daunting in the past.


Breakout Sessions, Thursday 11 August 2022

Tim Kitchen
Breakout Sessions

Adobe Breakout Session - Get creative in any curriculum area with Adobe

Last December, Adobe gifted all K-12 schools globally a package of amazing applications and resources called Adobe Express for Education. Formerly known as Adobe Spark, but with lots more features, this new & free browser based resource is the ideal platform for creating graphics, infographics, video stories, webpages and more. Designed to be low-lift but have high impact, these tools can be used in any curriculum area. Even school principals can use them! This workshop, led by Dr Tim Kitchen from Adobe as well as a dedicated group of Adobe Education Leaders from a range of Victorian schools, will go through how to access the tools, get started and manage projects. Practical examples will also be shared on how these tools are making such a positive difference to K-12 classrooms all over the globe. 

Tim Kitchen, Senior Education Specialist, Adobe
David Fenner
Breakout Sessions

Commscope Breakout Session - The 5 Phases of transition to digital learning

Disruption often leads to innovation. When COVID-19 forced campuses to shut down across the globe, it also created opportunities for educational institutions to understand what both students and teachers need. How is connectivity enhancing education delivery? and what are the five phases of transitioning to digital learning. 

  1. What are the IT challenges in making a successful transition whilst providing a safe and reliable classroom experience?
  2. Why a fast and reliable network is no longer optional?
  3. Why a reliable network infrastructure is vital for supporting a wide variety of digital curriculum projects?
  4. How future-ready technologies help overcome digital roadblocks
  5. How do you protect student’s safety as well as protecting their privacy? 

If anything, the pandemic has proved that a fully remote learning model cannot last forever. The virus may vanish one day, but education’s pre-pandemic problems will not. To resolve budget shortfalls and declining student enrolment and retention, all education areas from K-12 to campus will need to reinvent the student and teacher experiences, especially once all return to onsite learning. In many ways, connectivity and access to the internet have transformed education at all levels. The ability for students to access learning materials on-line as well as for instructors to share lessons and collaborate has revolutionised teaching and learning. Where education used to be concentrated in buildings, it can now be accessed by millions of people (almost) anywhere. 

Converged IoT platforms provide technology that can scale your operations, and this can be more cost-effective. Who doesn’t want to monitor and optimize their electricity, lighting, water usage? IoT systems are perfect for accomplishing this. Educational institutions aren’t hospitality groups. They can’t afford to build shiny new buildings all the time. However, they can leverage smart technology to foster social interaction, attract students and keep campuses healthy and safe.

David Fenner, ANZ Sales Manager, CommScope RUCKUS Australia & New Zealand, CommScope
Panel discussion
Breakout Sessions

JAMF Breakout Session - Transforming the Classroom with Apple and Jamf

Apple empowers educators and students by design. Whether using Macs, iPads, or Apple TV, Apple devices encourage creativity and can simplify teaching with apps to make the classroom more flexible, collaborative and personalized for each student. 

To unleash the full potential of the technology and create the best learning environment, you need to understand the tools and resources available, and develop an education-focused, comprehensive plan, from equipment purchase to deployment, management and use in the classroom and beyond. In our session Transforming Your Classroom with Apple and Jamf, we’ll explain how to make the best use of Apple devices in your classroom, and the tools and resources you need for success. 

You'll learn: 

-Apple technologies for the classroom, from devices to setup and workflows 

-The importance of helping students learn 21st-century skills 

-Tips, tricks and cost-saving measures to transform your learning environment 

-How to facilitate student-led education

Francesco Garbellini, Education Lead, Jamf
Aaron Webb, Senior Product Marketing Manager - Education, Jamf
Toby Jones
Breakout Sessions

Learning Vault Breakout Session - Life-long learning through verifiable credentials

In this session, 'Life-long learning through verifiable credentials', we explore the global megatrends in education - Micro-credentials and Digital Badging. The session looks at how the rise in Blockchain-enabled applications are now able to enhance learning and career opportunities through verifiable credentials.

Toby will introduce the concept of 'the complete learner', and how education institutes can now empower students to receive recognition of skills and achievements, not only for formal education but also meaningful non-accredited and extra-curricular activities, all of which are of great benefit to students, institutes and future employers alike.

Toby will share the discoveries gained in this field over the last few years and how this new wave of thinking is creating truly meaningful outcomes.

Toby Jones, Head of Education, Learning Vault
Justin Pembroke
Breakout Sessions

Lego Breakout Session - Building confidence with LEGO Education Spike Prime - Modelled example of classroom practice

Justin Pembroke, STEM & Digital Pedagogies Coach, Baringa State Primary School
Mark Sparvell
Breakout Sessions

Microsoft Breakout Session - Leading Learning Acceleration: What Matters Most?

In this engaging, practical, evidence-based session Mark Sparvell, award-winning Education Director at Microsoft and former Australian Principal will open a conversation on accelerating learning. Mark will highlight free, easy-to-use EdTech tools that will help you to create more inclusive learning environments, accelerate foundational skills and support learner well-being.

Mark Sparvell, Director, Microsoft Education, Microsoft Corporation
Panel discussion
Breakout Sessions

Nice Breakout Session - How omnichannel contact centre solutions can help tertiary institutions deliver comprehensive student support

After two years of fluctuating learning conditions, students have returned to university campuses in droves, many of whom had never attended the campus in person. For LaTrobe University, this created a new and challenging environment with two separate yet similar new student populations: those entirely new to university; and those returning students who were entirely new to the university campus and face-to-face learning.

Join Anthony Brown, Director of Solution Consulting, NICE, Kirsty Hunter, Customer Experience Practice Leader, Optus, and Joanna Shaw, Deputy Director, LaTrobe University, to learn how LaTrobe University used contact centre solutions to navigate this challenge. They will discuss how tertiary institutions can leverage smart contact centre solutions to deliver frictionless experiences for students regardless of location.

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • how omnichannel solutions can help deliver more comprehensive support to higher education students with lower resilience 

  • how personalising digital experiences can lead to more streamlined student experiences

  • why tertiary institutions need to deliver omnichannel solutions in their contact centres for more streamlined, frictionless student experiences across campuses.
Anthony Brown, Director of Solution Consulting, Nice
Joanna Shaw, Deputy Director, Student Advising, Student Experience, La Trobe University
Jaslyn Hughes
Breakout Sessions

Open LMS Breakout Session - The Secret to Learner Engagement in eLearning is Revealed

How can we replicate high levels of learner engagement achieved in a face-to-face classroom to an eLearning virtual environment? Join me in an interactive presentation where I will take you through digital learning strategies and techniques that encourage engagement and everlasting impact in student curriculum. You will get to learn quick tips in applying activities that incorporate gamification, immersive technology, social and collaborative learning, reward systems, and project management. My goal is to show you different approaches in eLearning content within your Learning Management System (LMS) to create an enjoyable experience for your students.

Jaslyn Hughes, Adoption and Education Specialist, Open LMS
Panel discussion
Breakout Sessions

VEX Breakout Session - The Robotics Journey. Creative and innovative approaches to scaling STEM? robotics in F-12 curriculum, cocurricular competition and community

Hear from a panel of educators speak about their experience creating and implementing new robotics curriculum, commencing, and scaling cocurricular robotics, and engaging their network of schools or broader community to become involved in this exciting and rapidly growing area. Understand the ‘pain points’, resourcing needed and managing expectations for growth within your school. You will also learn about the free training, support, and resources available, and how you can join a vibrant professional learning community of enthusiastic STEM robotics educators! Bring the excitement of robotics to students in your school! 

Michele Pikunic, STEM Teacher, Worongary State School
Brett Webber, Digital Technologies and VET Teacher, Galen Catholic College
Maree Timms, Science & Maths Teacher, Galen Catholic College
Thomas Oliphant, Head of Technology and Enterprise, St John's Grammar School
Deborah Grossek, Principal, Glendal Primary School
Breakout Sessions

Zoom Breakout Session - A New Chapter: Charting the New Path for Education in 2022 and Beyond

2022 marked the start of a new chapter in education as we open doors and welcome students and teachers back into schools. With everything we've learned in the past two years, now is the time to apply these learnings and take educational institutions to another level of excellence. Join this session to learn:

  • How to continue to drive operational efficiency with technologies you've already invested in; 
  • How to build a balanced hybrid learning model to provide equal access to education for students in need;
  • How to effectively engage your school and local communities to build a collaborative ecosystem
David Harris
Breakout Sessions

Commscope Breakout Session - School Networking 101

School Networking from cables types to wireless, copper to fibre optics, Telecommunications rooms to Classrooms, what is the latest Standards and cabling required to lead your school into the future.

We will cover the evolution of structured cabling, all services can now run on one cabling platform, 1Gb-400Gb where is the industry taking us.

David Harris, Manager, Systems Engineering, CommScope
Sally Webster
Breakout Sessions

AWS Breakout Session - AI and Machine Learning for Education

Over the last 2 years, education has undertaken a transformative adoption of digital technology as the world responded to the global pandemic. As we rapidly move through the 4th industrial revolution, we find ourselves concurrently heading into the 5th industrial revolution. With the evolution of artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, Internet of Things and digital platforms being adopted at scale, this provides us with a range of opportunities to explore, including how digital cloud technology can enable a reduction of the administrative burden for school teachers and administrators to support learning outcomes and create a positive impact for student wellbeing and safety. This session will look at the 'art of the possible' and look at the work undertaken by AWS with some of our customers and how we have helped lift student experiences, optimise administrative efficiencies and improve impact with accessible and personalised learning.

Sally Webster, Head of K12 Schools Industry ANZO, Amazon Web Services
Sean Kim
Breakout Sessions

Axis Communications Breakout Session - More than public address – the benefits of network audio in education

    a school administrator, you rely daily on public address systems to communicate efficiently with students, staff, and visitors. From signaling class changes and making general announcements, to more serious risk-based communication such as an impending threat or weather emergency.


    At Axis, we contribute to a safer learning environment by providing you and your staff with high quality network audio solutions that easily integrate with your video surveillance system. Solutions that not only support your daily broadcast audio needs, but can also be used for audible deterrence before, during or after school.


    In this keynote you'll learn 

  • The increasingly valuable role of network audio in education. Why network audio? 

  • How network audio provides ultimate flexibility in public address

  • How network audio contributes to a safer learning environment as part of the security system

Sean Kim, Solutions Program Manager, Oceania, Axis Communications
Breakout Sessions

BeParta Breakout Session - People-Place-Pedagogy What does it mean? What does the data say?

To what extent does furniture challenge teachers to teach better, and what effect does furniture have on students’ perceptions of their levels of engagement? This session will outline the results of a research study which took place in a primary school over 12 months. Classes swapped furniture term by term from flexible spaces to traditional spaces. The results were astonishing!

Panel discussion
Breakout Sessions

Microsoft Breakout Session - IT Avengers Assemble - Build and Empower Your IT Universe

Come along to this seminar to learn what's new from Microsoft Education through the lens of a technical leader or specialist! You can be the Tony Stark of your IT team after attending this session where Dan Bowen and Megan Townes will share the latest megatrends in education and how you can support your team to make the most of them. They will also explore the hot topics of cyberthreats against the education sector, managing an ever-growing device fleet, supporting staff well-being, and the big data opportunities in schools, universities and other education institutions. You will walk away from this session with resources and ideas to build the capacity of your IT team to grow, learn and transform. 

Dan Bowen, Technology Strategist, Microsoft Australia
Megan Townes, Education Indusrty Specialist, Microsoft Australia
Panel discussion
Breakout Sessions

PeopleBench Breakout Session - How EdTech is addressing the school workforce crisis

Join us at the PeopleBench seminar as we unpack how schools can address the immediate challenge of poor teacher wellbeing and the need for effective workforce strategy and positive workforce culture to address the entrenched issues that prevent schools from becoming great places to work. PeopleBench will be joined on stage by education leaders to discuss proven strategies that are transforming schools, and systems of schools, across Australia. Hear how innovative schools and systems are taking measurable, evidence-informed steps into the future of work. See how EdTech can help you make your school a great place to work as well as a great place to learn. 

Rebecca McGlashan, Chief Consultant, PeopleBench
Fleur Johnston, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, PeopleBench
Breakout Sessions

Intel Breakout Session

Learn how Intel technologies and performance optimization on AWS has helped in developing, building, and supporting cloud services that are designed to manage cost and complexity, accelerate business outcomes, and scale to meet current and future computing requirements. Know more about Intel® processors that provide the foundation of many cloud computing services deployed on AWS. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, that have the largest breadth, global reach, and availability of compute instances across AWS geographies.

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