AmerStem Inc

Bronze Sponsor

AmerStem is a leading green biotechnology company focusing on the use of a versatile and sustainable plant cell culture technology platform with multiple applications in vaccine adjuvants, agriculture, and pharmaceuticals. We are a highly motivated team of scientists committed to the development of sustainable technologies. We bring together the aggregate expertise of a multidisciplinary team to find breakthrough solutions in plant biotechnology. AmerStem’s long-term vision is about the enormous potential that its cell culture technology platform offers in terms of diversity and sustainability. Rather than utilizing adult trees that often take decades to grow with the attendant requirements of water, carbon and land use, we make it possible to generate biomass in large scale in a sustainable manner, thus helping to preserve our natural environment. We seek to collaborate with like-minded individuals and corporations who are environmentally conscious and socially responsible, who share our vision of providing better natural products with the minimum carbon footprint. We seek partnerships, co-developers and/or investors who want to support a team that will help revolutionize how we select, develop and utilize plant natural products to help improve global health, and crop protection while making our environment cleaner and safer to all.