William Remak | Senior Advisor
Global Immunization Action Network Team

William Remak, Senior Advisor, Global Immunization Action Network Team

William (Bill) Remak, MS, MPH, founder and CEO of the California Hepatitis C Task Force and the Global Immunization Action Network Team (GIANT) former UCSF faculty, a prominent healthcare and health policy journalist and scientist with lived experience as a cancer and two-time liver transplant survivor. He is a formidable national and global award-winning patient advocate for chronic diseases, medical research, striving to collaborate with experts, activists, and many stakeholders to drive policy reform that improves access, healthcare delivery, systems that push the boundaries of science, health literacy and technology to achieve the best value and quality outcomes for health consumers. For over thirty years, Bill’s articles have appeared in major magazines, newspapers, and newsletters, bringing public health concerns to light, and encouraged greater dialog on the health issues the public cares about. He is known internationally for being a voice for advocacy for marginal populations who have no voice.


Day 3 - November 30 @ 14:15

The evolution of task forces & initiatives to address Hepatitis C nationally & internationally

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