Sai Pooja Mahajan | Senior Scientist
Prescient Design

Sai Pooja Mahajan, Senior Scientist, Prescient Design

Sai Pooja Mahajan is a Senior ML Scientist at Genentech developing biologically meaningful generative models for antibody design. She obtained her BS in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay and her MS and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Cornell University. During her PhD, she developed and experimentally validated computational models for rational design of antibodies. After obtaining her PhD, she worked as a Senior Scientist at Intel Corporation developing algorithms for Computational Lithography. Following Intel, her postdoctoral work at Johns Hopkins University with Dr. Jeffrey Gray focused on developing algorithms for flexible docking of proteins, predicting enzyme specificity, and developing some of the first deep learning models for antibody structure prediction and design. She is the recipient of the Mark Robbins award in High Performance Computing, 2021, for her research on ML models for antibody structure prediction and design.


Pre-Congress Workshops - November 27 @ 14:00

Workshop A - Antibodies: Discovery vs Computational Design

Series of presentations followed by panel discussion

Computational design of antibodies  - Dr Daniel Faissol, Principal Investigator, Center for Bioengineering, Executive Director, Predictive Design of Biologics, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Discovery & development of broad-spectrum antibodies for Flu, COVID & RSV - Dr Phillip Lovanti, Sr. Director of R&D, Aridis Pharmaceuticals

Machine learning models for design of antibodies - Dr Sai Pooja Mahajan, Senior Scientist, Prescient Design, Genentech

Computational and artificial intelligence-based methods for antibody development - Dr Philip Kim, Professor, Principal Investigator, Department of Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto

How are NITAGs & HTAs thinking about novel antibody products? Richard Hughes, Partner, Epstein, Becker & Green, Professorial Lecturer in Law, The George Washington University Law School




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