Niranjan Kumar | President & Chief Executive Officer

Niranjan Kumar, President & Chief Executive Officer, ABS Inc. USA

Dr. Niranjan Kumar is President & CEO of ABS Inc. USA. Dr. Kumar has over 30 years of top global biopharmaceutical companies experience with increasing roles and responsibilities. Prior to joining ABS Inc, Biotechnology company, Dr. Kumar worked for Merck, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis, Novavax, Wockhardt.  Dr. Kumar held senior management roles up to Senior Vice President in large public traded corporations. He also brings extensive experience in life cycle management of biologics, vaccines (bacteria conjugate, bacterial, viral vaccines and cell & gene therapy) including product development, analytical development and innovative commercial cGMP manufacturing at various scales. He has many years of experience in biologics/vaccines CMC and Clinical (drug substance, drug product and fill finish) and helped companies to launch numerous approved vaccine drug products including Prevnar and Menactra. Some of his responsibilities including R&D, Clinical Development, Analytical Methods, QC/QA, Regulatory Compliance, CMC and CGMP Commercial operations. Dr.  Kumar has extensive experience in Vaccines, Biologics, Gene Therapy and worked with core-teams on launching numerous vaccines (conjugated, bacterial, live attenuated & inactivated viral vaccines, Pandemic Flu), Biologics (Insulin Glargine, Epo, Insulin, MAB) and Gene Therapy (2 commercialized). He has led large biologics cGMP manufacturing sites and strategic business units. Led operations, COGS, P& L, Budget, people, facilities and Strategy. 

Dr. Niranjan Kumar, Ph.D. in Biochemistry from national premier research institution (IARI, New Delhi), Executive Masters in Technology Management, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Kumar has post-doctoral experience from University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY, State University of New York, Buffalo, and Asst. Professor faculty appointment from Lung biology/Pulmonary &; Critical Care, Department of Medicine, SUNY, Buffalo, NY. Dr. Kumar has published numerous peer reviewed papers in International Journals, vaccines book chapters and invited to speak numerous International and USA conferences as well as prepared more than 1000 official, approved biopharmaceutical documents including technical documents, cGMP protocols, validation of methods, manufacturing, and reports. He was elected United States Pharmacopeia expert committee member on vaccines and virology


Day 1 - November 28 @ 13:45

Chair's Opening Remarks

Day 1 - November 28 @ 16:50

Panel: Beyond PCV13: Exploring the Future of Pneumococcal Disease Vaccines

  • The current state of pneumococcal disease vaccine development and the limitations of PCV13.
  • New approaches to vaccine development, such as protein-based vaccines, conjugate vaccines, and combination vaccines
  • The potential impact of new vaccines on disease prevention and public health
  • Case for maternal immunization?
  • Challenges and opportunities for vaccine development in low- and middle-income countries
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