Len Yaffe | MD
Stoc*Doc Partners

Len Yaffe, MD, Stoc*Doc Partners

Len Yaffe was the first MD to transition to Wall Street as an analyst many decades ago. He worked primarily at Montgomery Securities in San Francisco, and was recognized as a top analyst in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and drug distribution. He was early in recognizing the impact of intraocular lenses and arthroscopic surgery on ambulatory surgical center volumes, pharmacy benefit plans on drug spending, statins and robotic surgery. Since 2003, he has run Stoc*Doc Partners, a healthcare fund focusing on leading edge developments that could change medical practice. His current interests include immunotherapy, COVID-19, regenerative medicine, metabolic disease, gene therapy, less invasive surgery and spatial biology. He serves on the medical advisory board of the Stanford University Medical School SPARK program and is an inaugural season ticket holder of the Worcester Red Sox.


Day 3 - November 30 @ 15:00

Biopharmaceutical Stocks—Out of favor, yet impressive Pipelines

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