Jonathan Low | Medical Student
Meharry Medical College

Jonathan Low, Medical Student, Meharry Medical College

Jonathan Low is an award-winning, published MD candidate at Meharry Medical College. He previously earned an MBA with a focus on business analytics and a MA in Biomedical Sciences. Additionally, he is a CEO of a health tech startup he co-founded last year with his colleagues Tony Vu and Jeremy Henderson-Teelucksingh. The company takes a novel approach to addressing cultural competency in healthcare and Jonathan is responsible for strategic growth, finance, and investor relations and co-leads the effort on commercial ventures for Centro Health Solutions with the COO, Jeremy. He is a former Cancer Research Scholar and has developed an interest in the field of public health concerning the connection between health equity, economic trends in America, and health disparities. Bridging that gap for minorities, specifically African Americans and Hispanics, in the United States, is a personal goal of his due to his family heritage. He plans to pursue a career in a field where he can follow his passion of neuroscience in a laboratory, academic, and clinical setting while taking advantage of his multidisciplinary academic background to push the envelope on health policy in America. Currently, he is helping lead the efforts for establishing Meharry Medical College as the National Center for Clinical Trial Diversity alongside Dr. Michael Caldwell.


Day 1 - November 28 @ 14:50

Building a pipeline of black and diverse physician clinical research trial PIs

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