Joe Smyser | Chief Executive Officer
PGP (The Public Good Projects)

Joe Smyser, Chief Executive Officer, PGP (The Public Good Projects)

Dr. Joe Smyser is the CEO of The Public Good Projects (PGP), a nonprofit organization that designs and implements large-scale behavior change programs for the public good. PGP selects its work based on three criteria: will it advance public health, will it create change at a large scale, and will it be rigorously evaluated. PGP has designed several opioid awareness campaigns to date, three research studies with Google, Facebook, and The National Academies, and manages a national disease surveillance system monitoring the opioid epidemic.


Pre-Congress Workshops - November 27 @ 14:00

Workshop B - Infodemiology as a means to engage with health care and public health

Infodemiology as a means to engage with health care and public health

This session is part program launch, and part interactive workshop. The U.S. "House of Medicine" represents all national medical boards in the country. Led by the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM) and public health nonprofit PGP, the House of Medicine has launched the Health Care Infodemiology Brief. Infodemiology is the study of information's impact on health, particularly online information. Vaccine confidence is driving the adoption of infodemiology. This resource helps clinicians better understand trending health narratives and debunk false claims to which their patients may have been exposed. The Health Care Infodemiology Brief examines vaccines and other topics that are the subjects of most false claims found on social media and online.

This workshop will introduce participants to the Health Care Infodemiology Brief, its parent program integrating infodemiology throughout health care, and its sister programs integrating media monitoring, analyses, and reporting throughout public health. Mitigating the impact of vaccine misinformation and increasing vaccine confidence is a central focus of these programs.

Following this overview, workshop participants will be shown how infodemiology works in practice. Live dashboards of public conversations, examples of misinformation, and exercises to think through communications and reporting will be conducted. PGP experts are frequent speakers at WVC events and have deep knowledge of current pharmaceutical industry efforts to support health care and public health. They know what they're talking about and enjoy what they do. Stop on by!




Day 3 - November 30 @ 15:20

Closing Keynote Panel: The Vaccine Wars: Why vaccine mandates are more complex than you think

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