Darrick Carter | Vice President - Adjuvant Technology

Darrick Carter, Vice President - Adjuvant Technology, I.D.R.I.

Darrick Carter is the Vice President of Adjuvant Technology at IDRI. His work centers on new immunomodulatory agents and formulations, as well as the process development necessary to take vaccines and therapeutic candidates from the lab to the clinic. Darrick is a biochemist/biophysicist with over 15 years of experience developing therapeutics and vaccines in the biotechnology industry. He has founded five companies, starting with a sole proprietorship biotech/internet startup, Proteinchemist.com, in 2001. Darrick previously worked at Corixa Corporation, where he led a new tuberculosis vaccine into human clinical trials and assisted as group leader for analytical biochemistry working on adjuvants and a commercial, radiolabeled mAb for non-Hodgkins lymphoma. In 2004, he founded and served as CEO of PAI Life Sciences Inc., a bioinformatics company with proprietary drug discovery technologies using artificial neural nets. Darrick also served as Chief Scientific Officer at a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on drug and device combinations, is a founding member of a company focused on immunotherapy in oncology, and a founding member of a device company working on inflammatory disorders. Darrick sits on the Scientific Advisory Boards of three local biotech companies and hosts a website for protein chemists. He has authored over 50 peer-reviewed papers and is inventor/co-inventor on more than 160 patent applications and issued patents. Darrick received his BSc summa cum laude from the department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at Oregon State University. He received his PhD from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Oregon Health and Science University.


December 2 Pre-Congress Workshops @ 13:00

Advances in adjuvant technology for vaccines:

Vaccine adjuvants have been used successfully for decades to enhance the ability to provoke an immune response of weak antigens and improve the overall potency of vaccines. Join this workshop to explore the latest advances in novel adjuvant technology for vaccines, the value of current adjuvants and how to improve them. Topics:·Adjuvant technology and its impact on vaccine development ·Can next generation adjuvants break tolerance to assist in immune oncology?·Deploying adjuvants for special populations ·Combination adjuvants – how should they be designed and what are the risks·Adjuvating live vaccines·Use of receptor agonists in improving existing adjuvants or designing new novel adjuvants for different animal species·Precision adjuvants; tailoring immune activation for next generation vaccines
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