Dan Sanford | Research Leader

Dan Sanford, Research Leader, Battelle

Dr. Daniel Sanford is a Research Leader at Battelle’s Biomedical Research Center (BRC). He has served as Study Director (SD) on more than seventy studies conducted at the Battelle high-containment laboratory over the past sixteen years, with a focus on bacterial/viral pathogenesis, MCM discovery, infectious disease research, and animal model development. Dr. Sanford has experience with a number of pathogens/‌toxins, including Bacillus anthracis, Yersinia pestis, Burkholderia pseudomallei, Burkholderia mallei, botulinum neurotoxin, ricin, abrin, Zika Virus, rabbitpox virus, and SAR-CoV-2. Dr. Sanford has extensive experience designing and leading complex, multidisciplinary, and innovative biological research programs in a variety of animal species. He has participated in four FDA directed inspections of the BRC, which involved FDA review of nine studies for which he served as SD with these studies ultimately supporting the FDA licensure of Raxibacumab, Anthim, Tembexa, and Cyfendus. In addition, Dr. Sanford has been invited by FDA to present on his experience serving as SD on GLP studies conducted in a high-containment lab and serves as a faculty member on the annual FDA educational course on “Achieving Data Quality and Integrity in Maximum Containment Laboratories”.


Day 1 - November 28 @ 16:50

Panel: Bridging the divide - animal rule to clinical development

  • Use of pre-clinical models to inform licensure
  • Regulatory pathways
  • International coordination on clinical trials
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