Christine Moussion | Senior Principal Scientist and Group Head

Christine Moussion, Senior Principal Scientist and Group Head, Genentech

Dr. Moussion received her PhD from the University of Toulouse (France) where she studied the role of Dendritic cells in the control of lymphocyte migration from blood to lymph node in the lab of Jean-Philippe Girard at IPBS. She then moved to IST Austria in Vienna as a Postdoctoral fellow in the group of Michael Sixt to study the mechanisms of Dendritic cells migration from peripheral tissue to the draining lymph node through the lymphatic circulation. In 2016, Dr. Moussion joined Genentech (San Francisco, CA) as a team leader in the Cancer Immunology Department. Her group bridges basic science and drug discovery to target novel cellular and molecular mechanisms that limit the recruitment of leukocytes in the context of an anti-tumor Immune response. By combining innovative high-throughput in vivo imaging technologies with genetic and pharmacological tools, her group pursues discoveries of novel biological pathways from mouse models to human pathology, to improve the outcome of Immunotherapies in the treatment of solid tumors.


Day 2 - November 29 @ 14:30

In situ tumor arrays reveal early environmental control of cancer immunity

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