Bernd van Buuren | Chief Executive Officer
Protinhi Therapeutics

Bernd van Buuren, Chief Executive Officer, Protinhi Therapeutics

Bernd co-founded Protinhi in 2013 and became CEO at the start of Protinhi’s operational activities in 2016. In that time he grew the company from 1 to 10 people and attracted a world leading scientific advisory board to Protinhi. Bernd has more than 25 years experience in Life Sciences R&D management and business development/company formation. He is a post- doc-level biophysical chemist by training, he started his industrial career at Unilever R&D and was group lead cheminformatics and member of Unilever’s Open Innovation leadership team. Prior to co-founding Protinhi Therapeutics, he was senior business development manager at the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre and Erasmus University Medical Centre. Where he was involved in outlicencing and partnering groundbreaking academic knowledge furthermore he has been involved in setting up successful spin-out companies such as Quantib B.V.. He has broad management experience from various organization, such as the executive board of the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre, the non-executive board of Quantib and Unilever. He has extensive experience in innovation management, company formation and business development. His motto is a quote from Einstein "Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value.” In his leisure time, Bernd likes to cycle and coaches his son’s football team.


Day 3 - November 30 @ 11:10

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