Benedetta Pelosi | Scientific Consultant

Benedetta Pelosi, Scientific Consultant, Giant

BENEDETTA PELOSI is an Italian researcher in molecular biology formed between University of Florence and Sweden. In particular, she attended the Master program ‘‘Plant and Forest Biotechnology’’ at Umeå University from 2014 to 2015. Subsequently she has been in a Molecular Biosciences program at the Wenner-Gren Institute, Stockholm University as a PhD (c) and obtained Licentiate degree in early 2022 with a work on computational biology focused on a filtering pipeline for cataloguing proteins and genes. Additionally, she is fully certified on Comprehensive Training for Promotion of Vaccine Demand to Maintain and Restore Routine Immunization and Promote Covid-19 Vaccination by WHO, CDC, UNICEF and GAVI. From February 2022, the Global Immunization Action Network Team (GIANT) made her a Scholar in Public Health and this path took her to Marin County, California. As a scholar, she worked on evidence-based materials such as the white paper with Nobel Laureate, Dr. Michael Houghton, co-author on the anticipated impact of HCV Vaccine development on elimination goals, addressing the global and US challenges in terms of research, economics, and policy.


Day 2 - November 29 @ 11:45

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