Ali M Harandi | Lab Head, Dpt Of Microbiology And Immunology
University of Gothenburg

Ali M Harandi, Lab Head, Dpt Of Microbiology And Immunology, University of Gothenburg

Dr. Ali Harandi is currently affiliated to Sahlgrenska Academy at University of Gothenburg in Sweden and holds a visiting faculty position at Vaccine Evaluation Center, University of British Columbia in Canada.  Dr. Harandi was awarded the prestigious Heine-Medin medal by European Society for Clinical Virology in recognition of his contribution to the filed. He has participated in the leadership of several EU-funded R&D projects focused on development of vaccines against infectious diseases, and has served as expert advisor on vaccine to several European and international Philanthropic and non-profit organisations and funding agencies.


Day 1 - November 28 @ 10:10

Keynote Panel: Navigating the future of RSV Vaccines & Therapies: Tailoring Approaches from Maternal to Adults

  • Now there are vaccines available, what is the right approach for adults vs infants & maternal? 
  • What is the optimal recommendation for use of different technologies based on the epidemiology of the disease?
  • Practical issues, health economics & policy considerations 
  • Cost-effectiveness challenges
  • Remaining needs in older adults; how to protect in the second season and beyondHow to combat vaccine fatigue with new combinations and other approaches
  • The ecosystem of respiratory tract infections in the absence of RSV

Day 2 - November 29 @ 11:45

Chair's Opening Remarks

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