Aida Cremesti | Senior Technology Transfer Specialist, Licensing, Collaborations, Clinical Trials, Patenting
National Cancer Institute

Aida Cremesti, Senior Technology Transfer Specialist, Licensing, Collaborations, Clinical Trials, Patenting, National Cancer Institute

Dr. Aida Cremesti is a senior technology transfer manager NIH’s Technology Transfer Center where she leverages her expertise in scientific research, business development, and intellectual property to support technology development and commercialization efforts at NCI. Her business development role is to foster licensing and collaborative activity between industry stakeholders and the NIH. In this role, she manages NCI’s patent portfolio and is the lead negotiator on complex collaboration and co-development agreements, and clinical trials in the immunotherapy, cell therapy, CART therapy and genomic medicine spaces. Several of these collaborations resulted in FDA-approved cell therapies, which created a new modality of cancer treatment.
Prior to this role, Aida was the Director of Intellectual Property, Walter Reed Army Research Institute (WRAIR) and Henry Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (HJF). At WRAIR, and HJF, she was leading alliance development activities centered on civilian and military health, as well as various first in human emergency outbreak clinical trials. She was overseeing patent prosecution strategy, licensing and commercial development of government funded medical research, and worked on forming bridges between the public and private sectors in efforts to stimulate clinical development of novel diagnostics and therapeutics for infectious diseases. Aida was the lead negotiator on several complex collaboration and licensing agreements and clinical trials which led to several multi-country multi-party trials for HIV, Ebola, Zika and MERS.
Dr. Cremesti received her PhD from The University of Rhode Island, her undergrad from The American University of Beirut, and did her postdoctoral work at Memorial Sloan Kettering and NCI.


Day 2 - November 29 @ 16:30

Panel: Unleashing the Power of Cancer Vaccines: Strategies for the Future

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