Vytokine Therapeutics


Vytokine Invigorating Immunity
Vytokine develops innovative medicines to treat cancer and infectious diseases.

Vytokine has developed a platform for displaying functional cytokines, Fv, or scF on chimeric human ferritin nanoparticles, which can be expressed easily in E. coli. These nanoparticles can be loaded with small chemo-drug compounds or toxins by high-pressure permeation, enabling the simultaneous delivery of cytokines and drugs to specific targets. Chimeric ferritins that display the hemagglutinin or RBD of Covid-19 Spike are highly immunogenic and elicit broadly neutralizing antibodies against hetero flu viruses or Covid-19 variants.
Building upon the success of its chimeric ferritin nanoparticle vaccine, Vytokine has chosen to advance its universal flu vaccine program. This program is focused on a universal flu vaccine composed of inclusion bodies (IB) nanoparticles of Hemagglutinins (HA) and Neuraminidases (NA) from three influenza viruses. The IB vaccine candidate has native-like structures, devoid of dominant strain-specific epitopes but preserving the conserved structures of HA and NA, and has been shown to provide mice with protection against subtypic viruses. Vytokine is currently expanding its animal testing, with plans to move to clinical trials within the next year.