Uvax Bio, LLC


Uvax Bio is a preclinical stage, privately funded biotechnology company focused on developing vaccines to address unmet clinical needs in the prevention of infectious diseases. Founded in 2018, Uvax Bio holds the exclusive worldwide rights to the 1c-SApNP® antigen design, delivery and manufacturing platform technology developed by Dr. Jiang Zhu of Scripps Research. Dr. Zhu uses rational and computational biology to analyze viral structures and to design vaccine antigens to be produced to resemble a virus in its pre-fusion (infective) state. Dr. Zhu has also designed a universal protein nanoparticle that can display and deliver 20-60 pre-fusion stabilized antigens in a form that resembles the size and shape of the actual virus. The genetic coding for the specific antigen and protein nanoparticle components are inserted in a single sequence into a cultured cell-line for single step protein expression. Once expressed, the proteins self-assemble into virus like particle that remains intact (demonstrated in animal studies) and produces a robust immune response.  Uvax Bio has a portfolio of 12 vaccine candidates with a lead HIV-1 vaccine scheduled to enter a Phase 1 trial in Q1, 2024.