Tilda Research Inc


Tilda Research is a tech-forward site network & technology company committed to changing the way we do clinical research. We have developed a modern suite of tools as part our proprietary platform, leveraging the power of AI to consolidate & dynamically generate site-level workflows- reuniting disparate processes and radically simplifying the process of delivering quality data to sponsors.

Tilda’s site network leverages this technology at three locations- Tustin, California; Redlands, California; & Birmingham, Alabama- where the priority is to deliver high-quality, diverse enrollments, enabled by our technology and experience. We’re proud of our diversity as a company- and the diversity of our enrollments reflect that, averaging 40% minority inclusion in clinical trials across a spectrum of therapeutic areas.

As Tilda’s site network grows, we remain ever-committed to providing our sponsor & CRO partners with the highest-quality enrollments, and to providing a bounty of study options to our patients.