Q-Vant Biosciences


Q-Vant Biosciences, a privately-held multinational company, stands at the vanguard of innovation in the global human and animal vaccine markets. The company has revolutionized the industry by solving the persistent supply chain problem of QS-21 and other quillaja-based saponin adjuvants, which are integral to several new vaccines.

Q-Vant's groundbreaking solution harnesses a disruptive technology, multiplying the potential for a sustainable QS-21 supply by an unprecedented factor of 1,000. This innovation has set a new industry benchmark, enabling an annual production capacity that could exceed 20 billion vaccine doses.

Aside from its technological prowess, Q-Vant is deeply committed to sustainability. The company's novel approach not only addresses supply chain constraints but also promotes a sustainable ecosystem, setting a new standard in the industry.

With its pioneering role in meeting the vaccine industry's demands, Q-Vant is not just a game-changer but a life-changer, demonstrating that the fusion of technological innovation and sustainability can deliver extraordinary outcomes. As we introduce Q-Vant at international vaccine trade shows, we are proud to present a company that's shaping the future of global health, one dose at a time.