Piezo Therapeutics, Inc.


Piezo Therapeutics aims to transform the delivery of nucleic acid medicines to enable improved safety, affordability, and scalability. Piezo is developing a uniquely engineered platform that uses electric pulses and microneedles to deliver a broad range of therapeutics inside the body. Its piezoelectric technology offers improved safety and efficacy, and is simple, cost-effective, and rapid to produce at scale. Piezo's platform has the potential to replace lipid nanoparticles for the delivery of RNA/DNA medicines by addressing key issues including high costs, manufacturing complexity, and poor stability. Founded by experts in the field of drug delivery and commercial translation, and backed by Open Philanthropy, Piezo’s diverse team aims to help translate the next generation of nucleic acid medicines. Learn more at www.piezotx.com or reach out to us at partnerships@piezotx.com.