Omios Biologics


Omios Biologics is a privately held biotechnology company developing next generation Oncolytic Viral Immunotherapies with foundational intellectual property from New York University (NYU) and Arizona State University (ASU). Omios’ founding team combine decades of expertise in virology and vaccine research and, in early and late-stage clinical product development. 

Omios’ company vision is to restore a comprehensive anti-tumor immune response in cancer patients by harnessing the ability of virus-derived vectors to bolster innate and adaptive immunity. Our cutting-edge research and technology focus on activating the innate immune response; the key mechanism within cancer cells that orchestrates therapeutic and preventive cancer vaccination.  

Our first-of-its-kind immunotherapy platform «ICD VACV» employs modified vaccinia viruses (VACV) carrying multiple deletions that unleash Immunogenic Cell Death (ICD) to effectively prime the patient’s immune system against the full panoply of tumor derived antigens and drive the elimination of solid tumors. 

Omios ICD VACV vectors have demonstrated in vitro and in vivo therapeutic efficacy across several cancer models, including breast, bladder, liver, and colon cancers, showcasing the platform's tumor-agnostic potential. Additionally, our unique strategy enhancing Innate Immune Response and Immunogenic Cell Death makes it finally possible for an oncolytic virus to conserve therapeutic efficacy after systemic intravenous delivery.