Engimata Inc. was founded in 2019 to reduce vaccine wastage by developing thermostable adjuvants and vaccines that can be distributed at room temperature. Engimata’s mission is to create a more sustainable world by reducing vaccine wastage, and to save lives by increasing vaccine accessibility. Our platform consists of thermostable nano lipid particles that can be combined with different antigens to make a vaccine. Vaccine wastage in the supply chain due to temperature fluctuations is a major problem that costs billions of dollars every year. Engimata has a patented liposomal platform technology and manufacturing processes that improve vaccine efficiency and enhances vaccine stability, enabling distribution at room temperature and preventing vaccine wastage. Engimata has developed a thermostable COVID-19 vaccine candidate with good stability at temperatures up to 40°C. Engimata’s patented COVID-19 vaccine is cost-effective, easy to scale up, and simple to manufacture and distribute at room temperature. Engimata is a MIT Sandbox alumni team and has placed as a finalist at the MIT $100K, Stanford BASES product challenge and social e-challenge competitions. In 2021, Engimata received the 2021 Economic Drivers award from the city of Pleasanton, CA.  Engimata is looking to establish collaborations with investors, academia, and the biopharma industry.