Dr Wolfgang Philipp | Head Of Unit
The European Comission | Belgium

Dr Wolfgang Philipp, Head Of Unit, The European Comission

Wolfgang Philipp is the Head of Unit for crisis management and preparedness in health in the Public Health, Country Knowledge, Crisis Management Directorate of the European Commission. His unit is dealing with activities contributing to preparedness and crisis management related to cross-border health threats, vaccination policy, antimicrobial resistance, HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis policy, joint procurement of medical countermeasures, global health security and other files. He holds a PhD in microbiology of the University of Paris, France, and has been working in tuberculosis research at the Institut Pasteur, and at the Universities of Bern and Basel, Switzerland. He was a Member of the Basel Institute of Immunology before joining the European Commission in 2001.


Oct 29th Day 1 @ 08:40

Paradigm shift in vaccine funding capacity and collaborations for disease X and persistent epidemics

  • How are we incentivizing vaccine development?
  • How will these vaccines reach the LMICs and developing countries?
  • CEPI’s strategy and investment to advance medical countermeasures to emerging diseases
  • The potential of translational medicine and access for all
  • How to secure public funding to advance research and vaccine development

Oct 29th Day 1 @ 09:25

Are we pandemic ready for influenza? How to close the gaps in our current strategy in preparedness

  • The importance of cross species consideration in influenza during pre-pandemic preparedness
  • What is our response mechanism in medical and non-medical interventions?
  • European wide actions to provide global health, sustainable policies, coverage and access – joint procurement
  • The role of industry in vaccine matching, manufacturing and antivirals
last published: 16/Sep/19 14:05 GMT

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