Lenny Moise | VP, Research

Lenny Moise, VP, Research, SeromYx

Dr. Lenny Moise, VP Research, manages client projects and scientific development of the SeromYx Systems Serology platform for clinical research and drug discovery in infectious disease, immuno-oncology, autoimmunity and neurology. Prior to joining SeromYx, Lenny was Director of Vaccine Research at EpiVax, where he used immunoinformatic approaches to design and develop vaccines that exploit T cell immunity for viral and bacterial infectious diseases and cancer and to screen and de-risk biologic immunogenicity. Over that time, he studied T cell responses to vaccines and developed immunoinformatic tools as a member of the faculty of the Institute for Immunology and Informatics at the University of Rhode Island and the Center for Vaccines and Immunology at the University of Georgia. Lenny trained in structure-function analysis of snake toxin-ion channel interactions using structural, biochemical, and electrophysiological methods and holds a Bachelor of Science with honors and a doctorate from Brown University.


Day 1 - Tuesday 29th October @ 13:30

Correlates of protection in the CoV002 trial of ChAdOx1.nCOV19 (Vaxzevria): A Systems Serology analysis

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