Irina Meln | Sr Innovation Manager
European Vaccine Initiative

Irina Meln, Sr Innovation Manager, European Vaccine Initiative

Dr. Irina Meln is a Senior Innovation Manager at the European Vaccine Initiative (EVI), in Heidelberg, Germany. Irina develops, secures funding, and leads large collaborative projects leveraging public-private partnerships to increase innovations in the vaccine field. Irina has a scientific background with 15+ years of experience in biomedical research and 10+ years in project and alliance management. Irina holds a Ph.D. in Biosciences from the Ruprecht Karls University, Heidelberg. Irina leads Inno4Vac project which aims to accelerate and de-risk vaccine development and PrIMAVeRa project which develops decision-making tools to demonstrate the health and economic value of vaccines to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR).


Day 3 - Thursday 31st October @ 12:30

Mathematical Modelling Tools to Accelerate Vaccine R&D and Manufacturing

Day 3 - Thursday 31st October @ 13:00

Advancing Malaria Vaccine Development: Public-Private Partnerships, Novel Technologies, and Multistage Strategies

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