Ingrid de Visser-Kamerling | Associate Research Director
Stichting Centre for Human Drug Research

Ingrid de Visser-Kamerling, Associate Research Director, Stichting Centre for Human Drug Research

Ingrid de Visser - Kamerling (1975) graduated in Medical Biology from Leiden University in 1998. She subsequently worked at CHDR as a project leader and PhD student. She obtained her PhD from Leiden University in 2003 and became a registered clinical pharmacologist in 2005. From 2004 to 2007, she worked as policy coordinator in the research department of the Dutch Heart Foundation. In 2007 she returned to CHDR as interim manager of education. From 2008 to 2019, she held the position of Senior Clinical Scientist. Currently, she is Associate Research Director in clinical trials, and her main research focus is on general internal/infectious diseases.


Day 3 - Thursday 31st October @ 09:30

Controlled RSV Infection Model

last published: 10/Jun/24 12:45 GMT

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