Gautam Sanyal | Principal Consultant
Vaccine Analytics, LLC, USA

Gautam Sanyal, Principal Consultant, Vaccine Analytics, LLC, USA

Gautam Sanyal is a scientific leader in development of analytical and biophysical methods that are essential to batch release and characterization of vaccines and biopharmaceuticals. His expertise extends to rational formulation design, as demonstrated by delivery of several safe and effective formulations to clinical trials for recombinant protein based VLPs and attenuated viral vaccines as well as therapeutic proteins and oncolytic viruses. More recently, Gautam has been involved in advisory roles on projects emerging from the newer vaccine technologies, with a focus on analytical characterization and assays for mRNA and viral vectored vaccines. Apart from his extensive work on vaccines and biologics, Gautam led biochemistry, biophysics and protein science teams in target- based discovery of antibacterial therapeutics. He has published extensively research papers, book chapters and review articles. During the 27 years that Gautam spent in pharmaceutical industry, he headed R&D departments and groups at Merck, AstraZeneca and MedImmune (AstraZeneca Biopharmaceuticals). For the past several years, Gautam has focused his efforts on global health initiatives. He is a CMC Subject Matter Expert with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and has been associated with other global health organizations such as CEPI and PATH. Gautam also serves in the faculty of the Global Training Hub for Biomanufacturing (GTH-B) at the International Vaccine Institute.


Day 3 - Thursday 31st October @ 14:15

Applying Analytical Technologies to Support Process Development

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