Aaron Esser-Kahn | Professor
University of Chicago

Aaron Esser-Kahn, Professor, University of Chicago

Aaron was born and raised in Bloomfield Hills, MI. He attended the Cranbrook educational community from grades K-12. He traveled west to study chemistry at the California Institute of Technology where he was introduced to boundary-breaking research in the Tirrell lab. After completing his degree, he traveled north to Berkeley for a PhD in Chemistry as part of the collaborative Chemical-Biology Program and the Francis lab.   Inspired by the work of the Autonomous Materials Systems group at UIUC, Aaron traveled back to the midwest to learn about how to perform iinterdisciplinary research. Aaron began his independent research career as an assistant and then associate professor at UC-Irvine where he was fortunate to have fantastic colleagues, gifted students, and a wonderful environment to grow his research program. In 2017, he moved the research group to the University of Chicago to build on the areas of Immunoengineering and Materials. Here, he is fortunate to have gifted students, fantastic colleagues, and an excellent research environment tailored to the areas of Immunoengineering and Materials.


Day 2 - Wednesday 30th October @ 17:00

The Evolving Definition of Protection: Progress and Prospects in Therapeutic Vaccines & Immune Modulation

-      The evolving landscape of what constitutes a vaccine; exploring therapeutic vaccines and the distinction between prophylactic and therapeutic approaches

-      How well do we understand the immune system to be able to manipulate it for therapeutic uses?

-      Updates on therapeutic vaccine development

-      Future prospects for therapeutic vaccines & immune modulation

Senior Representative, BioNTech - TBC

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