Enrico Piccinini | Head of Europe Rare Diseases
Chiesi Group

Enrico Piccinini, Head of Europe Rare Diseases, Chiesi Group

Enrico has been the Head of Europe & International Rare Diseases, at the Chiesi Group since November 2019, leading a team fully dedicated to making value-adding treatments available for rare and ultra-rare diseases. He previously had a long tenure in Genzyme and SanofiGenzyme covering different sub-regional and regional/EMEA/EU roles in both functional areas and business ones. During the last seven years as General Manager of SanofiGenzyme Italy & Malta, he led his team through different launches and sustained business growth within Rare and other Specialty Care diseases. He is member of various Biotech/RD and Orphan Drugs groups and associations, and since 2022, he leads the Famindustria (Italy) RD national working group.


Pre-Congress Workshops - Tuesday 22nd October @ 14:00

Reducing the Burden of Rare Diseases Across The Patient Journey

People living with rare diseases face distinct and significant challenges that arise from the infrequency of their medical conditions, such as a long diagnostic journey, inadequate clinical management, and limited access to effective treatments. The burden of rare diseases on patients, their carers and families, healthcare systems, and society overall, merits greater visibility and recognition. This workshop hosted by Chiesi will convene patients, researchers, industry professionals and health care experts to explore what is needed to speed up and improve the patient journey of Europeans living with rare diseases, from research to diagnosis and access to treatment

-What are the gaps in the diagnosis journey of patients across member states and which patient-centric solutions can speed up the process?

-How can we reframe the conversation on rare diseases with a health equity lens, placing the patients and caregivers firmly at the centre of all discussions?

-How can we demonstrate that the availability of treatments creates positive societal value?

-What is needed at the EU level to improve equity of access to diagnostics and treatments?

Day 1 - Wednesday 23 October @ 16:40

Panel: EU General Pharmaceutical Legislation – Europe’s Biotech Innovation for Rare Diseases in the Balance?

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