Speaker FAQs



Speaker Frequently Asked Questions



Welcome to the World Orphan Drug Congress, we are delighted you will be joining us as a speaker. Please take the time to read through some of these frequently asked questions which will help you prepare for your sessions.



What information do you require to confirm my speaker registration?
In order to register you we will need your full name, job title, email address, high-resolution photo and short biography ( 1-2 paragraphs, written in 3rd person).
You must also complete your speaker registration form online – your individual link will be sent to your by Abdu.
What is a speaker confirmation form? Where can I find it?
When you confirmed your speaking slot you will have received an email containing the link to your speaker registration form from Abdu. If you cannot find this email please Abdu at abdu.kauroo@terrapinn.com  and they can resend your registration link.
In the field labelled “password” please create your own password and note it, you will use this to log in to your account later.
Please note if your speaker registration is not confirmed you will not get access to your badge or the event app.
When / where can I collect my badge?
In the lead up to the congress you will be sent a badge QR code. You can scan this at the registration desk at the congress so we can print your badge for you.
You can also access your badge QR code via the Event App. The app will be live for all attendees from the 1st of October. 
How can I register speaker guests?
Once your speaker registration form has been completed you will have access to your speaker account via: https://www.terrapinn.com/my-account/
From here you can edit your personal details and manage your guest pass registrations.
Can I attend the workshops?
Yes, workshops are included in your speaker registration.
When the event app goes live we will ask you to indicate which workshop(s) you plan to attend.
I can't see myself on the website, how do I upload my photo and bio?
Please log into your account using the email and password you set up when you confirmed your registration:  https://www.terrapinn.com/my-account/



Can I change my presentation title?
Yes, presentation titles can be updated up until 48 hours before the event, please email  Abdu  with your changes asap. 
Please note, changes submitted less than 48 hours before the event cannot be guaranteed to be updated in time although we will do our best to accommodate. Changes can take up to 24 hours to appear on the website agenda and event app.
How long should my presentation be?
Please check your individual session in the agenda; standalone presentations are scheduled for 15 minutes or 30 minutes.
If your presentation is 15 minutes long please prepare a presentation of 10-12mins and save 3-5 minutes for Q&A.
If your presentation is 30 minutes long please prepare a presentation of 20-25mins and leave 5-10 minutes for Q&A.
What format should presentations be prepared in?
Presentations should be prepared in PowerPoint (.ppt format) with wide-screen (16:9) selected for display aspect.
When is the deadline for sending presentations?
Presentations are due from the  1st of October . Abdu will send you a link where you can upload your presentation in advance of this date.
We strongly prefer presentations are submitted in advance to ensure the smooth running of the congress but if you bring an updated presentation with you on USB, please give this to the AV team located at the back of your conference room and also inform us of the change. 
NB: USBs that are given to the AV team during a speaking presentation will not be accepted, the latest these are accepted is the last networking break before your talk.
Will delegates have access to my presentation after the event?
We will survey speakers on whether we have permission to upload a PDF copy of their presentation to the event app post-event.
If you do not respond or decline permission your presentation will not be shared publicly.


Event App (will be live from October 1st)

Login Credentials
All registered attendees will receive an email from ‘Terrapinn Events’ once the platform has gone live.
Please follow the steps below should you have forgotten your password.
  • Go to Terrapinn Events
  • Click "Login as participant"
  • Enter your email address (the one you used at registration)
  • Click send me a magic link
  • Check your email inbox (and junk folder) for a 'Magic sign-in link' to login.
  • Go back to the Terrapinn Events page and set a password when prompted.
  • You should see the event on the next page. Click to enter!
Should you experience any issues when logging in, please refer to the suggestions below:
  • Make sure you try multiple browsers (google chrome is preferred)
  • Your emails may be blocked by your company’s firewall/proxy settings – please provide us with a personal email. If this works, contact your company tech team to enable emails from World Orphan Drug Congress  to your company email address.
  • If none of the above works, please contact your networking manager.
Building Your Agenda
You can build your personal agenda on the event platform to have available at hand when you are at the live event. This includes your meetings, connection requests, sessions you have registered to attend and companies/products you may have bookmarked.
To set up meetings, please follow the steps below:
  1. Go to the attendee you wish to connect with via the ‘Attendees & Networking’ tab.
  2. Click on an available time slot underneath their name/profile picture.
  3. Write a message to give the participant an idea of your reason for wanting to meet and click send.
  4. You will be notified on the status of this meeting (confirmed, cancelled, declined, rescheduled) via email but also through your notifications if you are logged onto the desktop version and as a pop-up message on your mobile (this is providing you have allowed the app to send notifications).
You can bookmark your desired sessions by heading to the agenda tab on the app and clicking ‘reserve my seat’.
To view your event agenda:
  • On the homepage, go to my event.
  • You will be able to see your entire event schedule.  
Here you can alter your availability, view your scheduled meetings as well as your teams’ meetings. The ‘my schedule’ section will allow you to view your meetings and sessions you have registered to.


Travel & Accomodation

Travel & Accomodation
Speakers are responsible for booking their own travel and accommodation for the event. We offer discounted hotel rates through hotel map. You can book directly through our website here .
Warning: We DO NOT work with third parties or the “Exhibition Hotel Management” / “Exhibitors Hotel Reservations Services” for accommodation. All speakers and delegates are advised to book through the official event website. This company has been targeting a number of conference companies so please be aware of them for any other event you are also participating in.


Top tips for delivering a great presentation

All Speakers
  • Devise a great title : You're often going to be competing with multiple other sessions taking place at the same time - so how can you make yours stand out? By making it interesting! Maybe it's a controversial statement or a "how to" proposition, there are many different ways of doing this, but you have seconds to grab an attendees' attention as they are scanning the agenda, so make yours count.
Not confident in putting it together yourself? No problem! All B2B event organisers will help - and they have staff that are great at devising interesting titles - jump on a quick call and devise something together that will drive attendance.
  • Give the organiser time to market you: I know, we're all busy, and many companies participate in multiple events, so it can be hard to look past the nearest one. But the more information the organiser has, the better they can market your participation and your session - let them take the heavy lifting out of putting bums on seats in your session.
  • Share your failures: We all make mistakes. It's what makes us human and it's what makes us better (provided we learn from them). Talking about what didn't work can sometimes be even more valuable than talking about what did - and you'll leave a lasting impression on your audience.
  • Have fun! If you're relaxed and engaged, your audience will be too. And engaged attendees make GREAT prospects...
Sponsor Speakers
  • Think carefully about the content of your session: Put yourself in your audience's shoes: Would you just want to be pitched to, or do you want something more dynamic and engaging? And do you get bored when you sit in a session where someone is just reading PowerPoint slides out to you? Exactly.
  • Use real-life case studies: These are far more effective than any generic statements you can make about your company. They are real, practical examples of how you have made a difference to your clients' businesses. That's powerful!
  • Bring a client: Really want to hammer home that you're great about what you do? There's no more effective endorsement than having a client participate in your session. Or you could even have your client deliver the session for you...