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Our Incredible 2023 Speaker Line Up


Our Incredible 2023 Speaker Line Up


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12 Connected Britain Streams


What does the future of the UK’s connectivity landscape look like? Where do the commercial opportunities of enhanced and ubiquitous connectivity lie? What is the industry doing to ensure that inclusive and meaningful growth is delivered in every corner of the UK? Find out at the Connected Britain keynotes.
In an increasingly digital world, the future of work is changing. New skills are needed, new mindsets, new partnerships. What is being done in the UK to fill the “skills gap”? What is needed both from government and the private sector to ensure that the UK remains a technology and business leader?
A truly ‘Connected Britain’ is one where every individual and every business has access to the best connectivity. Connected Communities will explore strategies for connecting rural and hard to reach communities whilst also focusing on connectivity for social housing, care homes, schools, and other critical services.
Digital connectivity is the cornerstone of the UK’s ambitions when it comes to intelligent transport systems, smart utility networks, EV charging and more. The potential is huge, so how can the UK capitalise on these exciting opportunities?
Taking strategic look at the investment and regulatory context for the deployment of next-generation communications infrastructure in the UK. Gigabit Britain will also explore the commercial strategy and business models for fibre and 5G rollout.
Focussing on the realities of building fibre and 5G networks. Key themes will include the technologies enabling network rollout, engineering strategies, supply chain issues and public-private partnerships.
Keeping people connected has never been more important. Tackling the digital divide, promoting digital inclusion, developing the provision of digital public services, providing support for those who need it most is crucial to delivering a more connected and inclusive Britain.
Smart Britain will delve into the tangible benefits of connectivity for people in Britain. It will focus on the delivery of smart places, the regeneration and economic development of the UK’s cities, towns, and rural communities as well as exploring how digital infrastructure is driving a greener, more sustainable future.
From manufacturing to logistics, from healthcare to the creative industries, next-generation communications infrastructure is creating new opportunities and enabling exciting new use cases. Connected Industries will bring together CSPs, technology providers, enterprises, and the public sector to explore how cross-sector partnerships and connectivity are driving innovation.
From SMEs through to large-scale enterprises, the demands of private and public sector enterprise customers are constantly evolving. Connected Enterprise will explore the evolution of the UK’s enterprise communications market, the technologies that are re-shaping B2B communications as well new products and services.
Local authorities are the driving force behind the innovative technology projects and trials which are underway across the UK to solve key challenges covering everything from mobility to housing, from healthcare to town planning. The Showcase Stage is a platform for digital champions from across the UK’s public sector to share their successes as well as their challenges and to learn from their peers.
The Startup Britain stage will offer a celebration of innovation. Startups will have chance to pitch their idea to potential investors, partners, and customers. Investors, accelerators, scale-ups and SMEs will share their insights into the keys for business growth and success.


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Meet and connect with those transforming UK connectivity with new ideas and new ways of thinking. You will get full access to the attendee list and be able to book meetings in person with interesting people through our pre-event networking tool.

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Establish connections with telecom giants, altnet whizzes and national and local government. Meet in person, swap contact information and extend your network.


Featuring over two days of curated content from over 250 innovators and disruptors in the telecoms sector: Connected Britain brings together the entire UK connectivity ecosystem together for two days of essential learning and networking.




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