Giovanni Banzola, Design Engineer, McLaren

Terrance Barkan, Executive Director, The Graphene Council

Brendan Bilton, Chief Commercial Officer, ACAL Energy LLC

Paolo Bondavalli, Head of Nanomaterial Group, Thales

Peter Budd, Professor, The University of Manchester

Kitty Cha, Research Scientist, B.A.S.F. S.E.

Srinivasan Chakrapani, Project Manager, A.Z. Electronic Materials

Seungmin Cho, Principal of Research Engineer and Group Leader, Samsung

Seungmin Cho at The Commercial Graphene Show 2015

Mark Davis, Chief Science Officer, Solan PV

Andrea Ferrari, Director, Cambridge Graphene Center U.K.

Konstantinos Gkagkas, Senior Engineer, R&D Advanced Division, Toyota Europe

Louis Gorintin, Research Engineer, CRIGEN Nanotech Energy, GDF SUEZ

Thomas Gregory, CEO, Borealis Technology Solutions LLC

Patrick Groves, Composite Development Engineer, Northern Ireland Bombardier Aerospace U.K. Ltd

Patrick Groves at The Commercial Graphene Show 2015

Owen Guy, Associate Professor, Swansea University

Huw Hampson-Jones, CEO, Oxis Energy Ltd

Shu-Jen Han, Manager, Nanoscale Science and Technology, I.B.M. T.J. Watson Research Center

Tim Harper, Chief Executive Officer, Cientifica

Andrew Houghton, Deputy Head of Unit Flagships, European Commission

Jefford Humes, Separation Technology Manager, NanoIntegris

Jerome Joaug, CEO, Cambridge Nanosystems

Jerome Joaug at The Commercial Graphene Show 2015

Martin Kemp, Business Development Director, Haydale

Martin Kemp at The Commercial Graphene Show 2015

Frank Koppens, Group Leader and Professor, The Institute of Photonic Sciences I.C.F.O.

Cormac Neeson, Director, Open Innovation and Technology Strategy, Crown Packaging U.K. Plc

Amaya Ortega, Senior Researcher, A.I.M.P.L.A.S.

Manuel Piñuela, Chief Technology Officer, Drayson Racing Technologies

Craig Poland, Senior Toxicologist, Institute of Occupational Medicine

Andrew Pollard, Research Scientist, National Physical Laboratory

Branimir Radisavljevic, Scientist, ABB

Robert Rölver, Researcher, Robert Bosch GmbH

Milan Rosina, Market and Technology Analyst, Yole Développement

David Shukman, Chief Science Editor, BBC News

Steve Sinton, Principal Chemist and LM Fellow, Lockheed Martin

Anirudha Sumant, Materials Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory

Quentin Tannock, Executive Chairman, Cambridge Intellectual Property

Brigitte Tretout, Director of Scientific Research, O.N.E.R.A.

Aravind Vijayaraghavan, Lecturer in Nanomaterials, The University of Manchester

Stephen Voller, Chairman and Founder, Zapgocharger Ltd.

Rune Wendelbo, CEO, Abalonyx AS

Rune Wendelbo at The Commercial Graphene Show 2015


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